Then again, it "may" not

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The Los Angeles Times suggests this is news [emphasis added]:

Obama's travels may give voters jet lag: The president's supporters worry that the timing of his trips could suggest a detachment from the concerns of ordinary people.

That's the headline. The problem is the article itself offers virtually no evidence, aside from the reporter's opinion, to back up the shaky claim. But that doesn't stop the Times from laying on the what-if angle pretty thick about Obama's travels:

It's the sort of thing that can get a political leader into trouble, jetting out of town while the home front suffers...The economic downturn has created so much anxiety, the president may be hard pressed to make the case that a week spent abroad would provide concrete relief.

It's part of the press' silly he's-got-too-much-on-his-plate meme; an idea voters have already rejected. But what about the "supporters" who worry about the president's overseas trips? Yeah, they pretty much don't exist. In the article, the Times quotes Democratic strategist James Carville, who says the trip will end up being a "neutral" to "a slight positive" for the White House.

The daily does find an unnamed "former campaign adviser" who says, "It's a very delicate time to be seen as doing things overseas." But that falls short of predicting the Times' possible backlash. And besides, according to the headline, there are "supporters" (plural) who are worried. If there are so many, why couldn't the Times locate them?

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