What happened to the Dem vs. Dem budget drama?

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It was just a week ago that the Beltway press was breathlessly warning that the Obama administration was going to face a bloody civil war within the Democratic Party as the White House tried to get its budget passed. Just like the press had predicted in February that the White House would face a bloody civil war trying to get its stimulus package passed. That warfare never materialized though. And so far, neither has the ugly budgetary battle.

Please note the Congressional happenings yesterday, as reported by Bloomberg News report:

President Barack Obama got a pair of wins on Capitol Hill as the House and Senate approved drafts of his 2010 budget plan that largely adhere to the administration's priorities.

And this from the WashPost:

Congressional Democrats overwhelmingly embraced President Obama's ambitious and expensive agenda for the nation yesterday, endorsing a $3.5 trillion spending plan that sets the stage for the president to pursue his most far-reaching priorities.

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