WashPost's David Ignatius makes stuff up

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The whole column today is a bit nutty. i.e. There aren't enough businessmen in Obama's cabinet! (Including SOS.) Of course, columnists are allowed to wander down incoherent roads, but they're not allowed to make stuff up.

Like here [emphasis added.]

The Democrats were egregious in packing the stimulus bill with pet projects that won't stimulate much except campaign contributions and in sticking with earmarks -- a symbolic outrage that Obama promised during the campaign he would eliminate.

As Media Matters has noted, the media's beloved meme that Obama promised to eliminate earmarks is pure fantasy. Not that that has stopped the press from peddling its favorite falsehood.

Second, the stimulus bill had no earmarks in it. Period. Even Fox News conceded that point:

President Obama did make sure that bulky earmarks were not in the stimulus bill.

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