SEIU's Challenge to Bill O'Reilly: Walk a Day in Our Shoes

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The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has a challenge for Bill O'Reilly:

This week Bill O'Reilly launched a baseless attack on members of the Service Employees International Union. O'Reilly smeared our 2 million hardworking men and women as "socialists" and "far-left extremists" trying to bring down "our capitalistic system."

Riiiight. SEIU members responded to O'Reilly by inviting the "news" man to walk a day in their shoes and find out what it's like to work in a real job.

Since Bill O'Reilly is so sure that SEIU is bent on destroying the very fabric of our society, it'd be nice for him to meet some of our members and see who makes up our union.

Do you think Bill O'Reilly could even last 10 minutes in the shoes of one of these hard-working Americans? Now is your chance to find out. Tell Bill O'Reilly to walk a day in the shoes of an SEIU member before he slams hardworking people.

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