Politico comes to Jindal's defense

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

In a rather odd turn of editorializing that completely contradicts the assembled facts in a news article, the Politico's Andy Barr collected lots of quotes for a piece article about Gov. Bobby Jindal's response to Obama's speech last night; all the quotes claimed Jindal blew it.

But then Barr brushed the analysis aside to announce [emphasis added]:

While Jindal may have missed a prime opportunity to establish himself as a leading Republican presidential contender in 2012, he didn't exactly lay an egg.

Really? Here's what people in Barr's own article said about Jindal's ' performance:

*"I think he had a really poor performance tonight, I'm sorry to say."

*"The delivery was not exactly perfect."

*"His basic message was sound but his language was hackneyed and his performance was wooden."

*"His speech came across as unserious in content and condescending in its tone."

There was not a single quote in the article that defended or praised Jindal. But don't worry governor, Politico says you didn't lay an egg.

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