How does the Klan view New York Post's stimulus monkey cartoon?

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Tina Dupuy over's FishbowlLA has a new poll out of their readers on the controversial New York Post cartoon that depicts a dead monkey (some have said this represents President Obama) with two bullet holes in its chest while the cop holding the gun says, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."

Check out the results of their poll for yourself here.

I thought it worth sharing some of what FishbowlLA has to say in their post:

Here's the thing with comedy: poking fun at power is funny. Kicking the weak is not funny. Monkeys - very funny. Cops shooting monkey dead - not funny. Cops being stupid - funny. Cops assassinating man-like mammals - not funny.

Equating our new first black president to an assassinated (shot twice in the chest) monkey - NOT FUNNY.

And even saying, "No, no - he didn't mean Obama - he meant Congress."

We say that true racists - true ones - not the ones you have to read between the lines to see they are kind of biased - but the real ones. The ones on the mailing lists for neo-Nazi groups. The ones that complain that their local dry cleaner won't starch their white hood properly. When those people look at this cartoon - do THEY see Congress?

A poignant question indeed, though I'm afraid the answer is rather obvious. What do you think?

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