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During the last news cycle, former Bush chief of staff Andy Card criticized Obama for allowing men to go jacket-less while conducting business inside the Oval Office. Card thought this was a very big deal because during the Bush years men were never allowed inside the Oval Office without a suit and tie. (A claim that's flatly false.)

Meanwhile, during the last news cycle, Republican Congressman Pete Sessions invoked the Taliban and used it as a "model" in suggesting how the Republican Party needed to become an insurgency force within the nation's capital.

Now, which one of those statements seems more newsworthy? An out-of-office Republican talking about dress codes, or a sitting GOP Congressman comparing Republicans to the Taliban?

If you guessed the dress code, you are correct. According to TV Eyes, Pete Sessions has only been mentioned five times on TV in the last 24 hours, but Card has garnered nearly 25 on-air references.

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