Obama, the press, and the "bipartisan" trap, cont'd

Obama, the press, and the "bipartisan" trap, cont'd

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A footnote to my weekly column, where I stressed that the press, when covering the issue of bipartisanship, appears only interested in blaming Democrats, and Obama specifically, for the lack of legislative cooperation. And how the press has set up Republicans with perhaps the easiest short-term political victory on record. All the GOP has to do is oppose Obama on the stimulus package, and the Beltway media will proclaim Obama the loser. Because, apparently for the press, it's up to Obama, and Obama alone, to change the tone.

But here's the new USA Today/Gallup polling data on the topic.

Question: Since Obama was elected, has the overall tone and level of civility in Washington between Democrats and Republicans?

Result: Improved, 21%. Stayed the same 51%. Gotten worse, 23%

Question: Of those saying the tone has not improved, whom do they blame?

Result: Republicans, 41%. Democrats 30%. Both, 23%.

So, contrary to the media's current Obama narrative, more Americans blame Republicans for the fact that the tone in Washington has not improved with the arrival of the new administration.

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