Somebody get the Washington Times newsroom a paper bag

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Because after (goofy) hyperventilating dispatches like this is from Jon Ward, we're concerned about the health risk.

Apparently at a joint appearance today, Joe Biden made a quick joke at the expense of Chief Justice John Roberts who botched the inauguration oath yesterday, and Barack Obama asked an aide "Are we done"?

Blockbuster stuff, we know. But get a load out of the Times' hysterical, almost parody-like, language [emphasis added] used to describe how the pedestrian events unfolded:

That didn't take long. During his first full day in office, Vice President Joseph Biden made a jarring verbal gaffe, shooting a public dig at the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court that left President Obama grim-faced...

But the new president was not amused by Mr. Biden's crack. As some in the audience drew in breath and gave low "oohs," Mr. Obama stood silently next to Mr. Biden and appeared to just barely shake his head.

It was the most awkward moment in a ceremony full of them, highlighting the new world in which the infant administration now finds itself

Mr. Obama did not know, after finishing his comments on executive orders, what was supposed to happen next, and had to ask for guidance from an aide in the audience.

"Are we done?" he said...

Worst of all, all of it happened as TV cameras were rolling.

Oh the humanity!

P.S. The Times headline: "Biden draws Obama's ire over flubs." Apparently it was the kind of super-secret/invisible "ire" that only Ward could detect.

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