Every fool's got a reason to feel sorry for himself

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Two weeks ago, the folks at Media Research Center got worked up over an issue of the Spiderman comic book in which the super hero thwarts a criminal's attempt to disrupt Barack Obama's inauguration. Yesterday, MRC's "CyberAlert" featured three similarly absurd examples of "liberal media bias."

MRC is upset that ABC's David Muir reported that despite the clogged streets in Washington due to an extraordinary influx of visitors, coupled with widespread road closings, "there were no car horns, no shouting." MRC managed to interpret that simple statement that there was a noteworthy lack of audible indications of frustration despite frustrating circumstances as excessive praise for Barack Obama - despite the fact that Muir didn't attribute the lack of horns or shouting to Obama. Under the sarcastic header "And Obama Shall Bring Tranquility to the Land," MRC wrote:

Is there anything President-elect Barack Obama's very aura cannot make better? Apparently, he has eliminated road rage -- and even honking. ABC's David Muir, over video of stuck traffic followed by the sound of singing, in a Monday World News story on the crowds coming to Washington, DC: "So many of the streets are closed those that are open are clogged. But there were no car horns, no shouting. Instead, the San Francisco Boys and Girls choruses practicing for their Inaugural moment on the steps of the Capitol."

Again: Muir didn't attribute the lack of "road rage" to Obama. MRC simply made that up - and this is their second-best example of "liberal media bias."

If that's their second-best, their third-best must be pretty bad. And it is: MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall asked a woman in a crowd what she thinks "this next administration brings to the country." In response, the Santa-hat-wearing woman said "I think they bring diversity. I think they bring a spirit of excellence. I think they bring unity and they bring love. Santa Claus loves them." That's it. That's all that MRC required to declare this exchange its third-worst example of "liberal media bias" -- a live interview with a bystander who makes a tongue-in-cheek reference to her Santa hat.

And at Number 10, Media Research Center whined that a British newspaper interviewed Bruce Springsteen, despite the fact that Springsteen - like the overwhelming majority of Americans - does not much care for former president George W. Bush. Here's MRC:

This past weekend singer Bruce Springsteen got in his last anti-Bush licks as he vented to a British newspaper about how the Bush years have been a "nightmare" in which "thousands and thousands of people died, lives were ruined" because of Bush's policies

Outrageous, isn't it? Bruce Springsteen criticized George W. Bush, and a British newspaper published his comments. And that's one of the best examples of "liberal media bias" MRC could find.

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