"Air America vs. Fox News"

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Air America host Cenk Uygur notes that despite the constant haranguing Fox News hosts do about how the liberal talk radio network has not talent, can't score ratings, and doesn't make money, the facts say otherwise:

In 2008, former Air America host, Al Franken was elected the next Senator from Minnesota. Current Air America host Rachel Maddow was given her own television show on MSNBC, where she instantly doubled the ratings and even beat legendary Larry King on CNN (and also tripled the ratings of current Fox host Glenn Beck when he was on CNN Headline News in the same time slot).

And also this:

Did you know that Fox News lost $90 million a year for its first five years of operation? Air America has never come close to losing that kind of money.

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