But we thought Hollywood hated America

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Tough timing for Andrew Breitbart, the Hollywood conservative who just this week launched his culture and movie-bashing group blog, Big Hollywood, which is supposed to highlight how evil and liberal and out of touch the movie studios are, and how they're ruining our culture by poisoning it with liberal propaganda. (There, I just saved you the need of ever having to read the blog!)

Tough timing for Breitbart because I just read that HBO in February will be airing Taking Chance, an original movie staring Kevin Becon as a United State Marine officer who transports the remains of a soldier, Chance Phelps, killed outside of Baghdad in 2004. The heart wrenching Chance story was first told on the right-wing blog, BlackFive. See the Taking Chance trailer here. I got chills just watching it and I'll be sure to tune in February 21.

But the deeply evocative project, about honor and service and America, runs completely counter to Big Hollywood's name calling mantra about how liberal movie makers seek to undermine the military.

So Big Hollywood, how do you explain Taking Chance?

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