Little Green Footballs whines about the unraveling Memogate saga

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It's really the right-wing bloggers lone claim to fame in the last four-plus years; they got Dan Rather fired. Liberal bloggers just got a president elected and helped fortified gains in Congress. Right-wing bloggers four years ago got an anchor fired.

We'll take the former, but that's just us.

Now, as Rather's civil case moves through the courts and we learn more and more details about the case, suddenly the right-wing bloggers' claim to fame doesn't look all that dazzling. Their response? Blame the media (a stretch, we know) and claim the press is trying to rewrite history.

LGF is huffing and puffing about this week's NPR story. Specifically, LGF is furious NPR reported that the disputed documents at the center of Memogate have never been proven to be fakes. Liars! shrieks LGF.

Of course, this is one of the great ironies of Memogate: the "independent" panel that investigated the media scandal and which was headed by a longtime Bush family friend, refused to verify that the CBS documents were forgeries. In fact, the lead panel attorney claimed the right-wing bloggers were wrong about the much-heralded document detective work.

Four years later Dan Rather is stating that point often, and that point will likely be made many, many times if and when his civil suit goes to trial, and it's driving the right-wing bloggers bonkers. Which means LGF is back rambling on about fonts and typewriters again.

Guys, it's been four years. Find a new schtick.

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