Howard Fineman: Better late than never

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Nobody in the Beltway likes to be left off the CW bandwagon, and Newsweek's Fineman finally got his ticket punched with this Blago/Obama doozie. Gee, nothing loaded in this language, right?

-"The Blago Distraction"

-"isn't great news for Team Obama"

-"a little suspicious"

-"It was widely speculated"

-"Emanuel (and, by extension, Obama) could pay a price"

-"the Chicago mess simmers"

-"there seems little doubt that Emanuel will survive"

-"Emanuel already has blown up"

-"he is already a bigger story than is good for either him or his boss"

-"however legally justified"

Our favorite passage was this [emphasis added]:

The original release was supposed to be this week. But it was pushed back, the Obama camp said, at the request of the official investigating Blago: Chicago-based U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the 21st-century Eliot Ness. Fitz's office confirmed that he had made the request, though there is no way of knowing how adamant he was about it.

Behold your press corps at work.

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