Karl Rove's pundit problem, cont'd

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

We noted earlier this year the problem with Rove's transformation from White House player to pundit if his new Murdoch paid outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, refuse to acknowledge that Rove remains active in GOP politics. That he's not just commenting on current events, he's trying to shape them. Like being an adviser to McCain's campaign in 2008.

The latest wrinkle revolves around the fact that news orgs are suggesting that Rove is taking the behind-the-scenes lead for the GOP in trying to torpedo Eric Holder's nomination to be the next AG.

If the Journal and FNC (as well as Newsweek, which also pays Rove to pontificate) are even going to pretend to hold Rove to any kind of journalism standards (that is, after all, what they're paying him to produce), they ought to come clean immediately about his role in the unfolding Holder story.

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