Brian Williams can't escape the NBC military analyst controversy on his blog

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Media Matters' David Brock isn't the only one urging NBC execs to come clean regarding their role in the pressing Pentagon Pundit scandal.

As Jim Romenesko noted, Williams' critics are using his blog to press him on why NBC is boycotting a story in which they are the central player.

From Dayton Ohio:

Hi Brian - I like you (really) and watch your show most evenings. But your failure, last night, to even acknowledge the prominent NYT article about NBC's relationship with Barry McCaffrey was cowardly and calls your credibility into serious question.

From Los Angeles:

I hope that this time you will address the serious, undisclosed conflicts of interest, as detailed on the New York Times front page about your military analyst Barry McCaffrey and his Defense Solutions. You are seriously harming your credibility by avoiding addressing this, and that of NBC News.

And from Naples, Florida:

Brian -after reading all of these comments, don't you feel any obligation or duty to speak of the General McCaffrey affair? Integrity is earned over a long period of time by being honest in actions and motives. If that ethical integrity is in any way compromised, it is difficult to repair the damage.

Will Williams ever acknowledge his readers concerns? Or is his blog just a p.r. vehicle to drum up viewers?

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