Los Angeles Times, please define "challenge"

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Is it just us, or are reporters just bending over backward trying to find some sort of conflict and tension as the new Obama administration is being put together.

The latest to try the trick is the LA Times, whose headline claims "Obama's picks challenge party." Sounds bad, right?

Nut graph:

President-elect Barack Obama's speed in naming Cabinet nominees and top White House staffers has drawn praise from many within his party, but it also has left a series of likely vacancies that could endanger Democratic electoral prospects in the coming months and reduce diversity within party ranks.

But once again, there's hardly any there there. The only real evidence of the vacancy challenge is that Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, who is set to become the head of Homeland Security, may be replaced by a Republican in Arizona. That hardly stands out as unusual in terms of transition teams.

As for diversity, the Chris Cillizza piece claims, "In picking New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson as Commerce secretary, Obama has removed the country's lone Latino governor."

Of course, the other way of thinking of that is by picking New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson as Commerce Secretary, Obama has elevated a Latino to one of the highest ranking positions in government.

Guess it's all in the way you spin it. And right now, the press seems anxious to spin dire scenarios for Democrats.

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