WSJ's Kimberley Strassel: Cliché machine

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Not only is Strassel about 15 days late to the topic (did you hear Hillary might be SoS??), but she manages to pile up like boxes every conceivable CW cliché on the topic.

1. How can Obama "fire" Clinton?

2. Bill Clinton has "baggage"

3. Bill Clinton will be "co-secretary of state"

4. If still in the Senate, Hillary Clinton would try to "gum up" Obama's domestic agenda

5. Obligatory mention to Bosnian sniper fire

6. Clinton might "go rogue" as SoS

7. "Ugly internal disputes" will erupt between State Dept. and White House

8. Bill Clinton is hiding the "conflicts" of the Clinton Foundation

So basically, in her column Strassel repeats everything that every pundit has already said and does it two weeks later. And oh yeah, Strassel doesn't waste one word on what Clinton might actually do substantively as SoS. Great work, WSJ.

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