Is Power Line joking, or just embarrassing itself again?

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

It's often tough to tell with the conservative blog.

The latest mystery revolves around its utterly predictable attack on the NYT for being soft on Obama. Specifically, Powerline's Paul Mirengoff takes issues with this passage about Obama's new administration:

The choices are as revealing of the new president as they are of his appointees -- and suggest that, from its first days, an Obama White House will brim with big personalities and far more spirited debate than occurred among the largely like-minded advisers who populated President Bush's first term.

Not true, claims Power Line, because "Bush selected as his vice president a personality as big as all outdoors.'

And yes, we added the emphasis because Power Line claimed that Dick Cheney has a personality as big as all outdoors.

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