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Go read. Here's a highlight:

It's now a mandate of Hard Pundit Law. In discussing Obama's likely selection of Clinton, Village Insiders are required to talk about "soap opera"—"drama."

The Daily Howler mocks a recent WaPo editorial. And to that we'd just add the latest from John Heilemann in New York magazine, who breathlessly adopts the Hard Pundit Law [emphasis added]:

So it appears that we're about to embark on a new chapter in the Obama-Clinton saga. Motivating the characters is a blend of cold-eyed calculation and gauzy idealism; selfishness and selflessness; the good, the bad, and the ugly-all the stuff that's made the drama in which they have co-starred as operatic, twisted, and riveting as any in modern political history. What is different now is where Obama and Clinton might be headed: toward a kind of reconciliation that eluded them even after the hatchets were supposedly buried once their nomination fight was over.

Question: Does anybody think the press would be harping the "drama" and "soap opera" angle if Obama had reached out to a previous male rival?

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