We don't think FNC's Moody's gonna get that apology

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Fox News' SVP John Moody wrote to FAIR in search of an "apology" after the liberal watch dog group highlighted the cabler's misguided, pre-election talking point about how the White House race was "tightening."

In defending FNC, Moody claimed that analysis was made by on-air guests and that FNC had no control over what they would say.

First, we're pretty sure Fox News had control over which guests they put on the air to discuss the campaign and also had a about a 90 percent idea of what the guests would say about the election. Meaning, who doubt Moody and company were displeased when guest after guest talked about the "tightening" White House race.

And second, as FAIR notes, the "tightening" schtick was also peddled by lots of Fox News employees. Fox News, of course, was free to stitch together whatever narrative it wanted about the election (i.e. it's "tightening"). But the news org shouldn't then play dumb when observers note how wrong the narrative was.

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