Bill O'Reilly, love him and hate him

Bill O'Reilly, love him and hate him

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

That, according to Americans surveyed by Pew Research.

Asked to name their favorite campaign journalists, O'Reilly landed the top spot. Asked to name their least favorite campaign journalists, O'Reilly also landed the top spot.

In general, the survey was a bit of a joke, because most people polled couldn't, or didn't, name any journalist they liked or disliked. O'Reilly was the most/least favorite, but only about 5 percent mentioned him. The huge majority of people asked about journalists (approximately 55 percent), drew a blank.

Oh, and we also chuckled over the response to the post-election Pew question, "Will you miss following campaign news?" A whopping 82 percent said no.

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