The Strib and Al Franken, cont'd

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We mentioned earlier today that there's lot of buzz in Franken/Norm Coleman surrounding a lawsuit that suggests a wealthy Coleman donor helped the candidate's wife get $75,000.

Still no news posted on that story by the Strib yet, but the newspaper has quickly written up a story about how Coleman, just like in his previous campaigns, is suing his opponent.

But fear not curious Strib readers who want to learn more about the $75,000 Coleman lawsuit. You can uncover the facts in the comment section of the Strib article, where this reader update was posted:

Breaking News: Coleman pulls a Ted Stevens

Paul McKim, the founder and CEO of Deep Marine Technology, alleges in a civil suit that Nasser Kazeminy -- a longtime Republican donor, friend of Coleman, and DMT shareholder -- directed the company to send $75,000 to the Senator and his wife.

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