Glenn Greenwald responds to WaPo's Steven Pearlstein

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Yesterday we noted Pearlsteain, during a Post online chat with readrs, mocked liberal bloggers for not understanding the Wall Street bailout story. He said thank God the mainstream media was around to explain it to everyone.

Greenwald took issue with that (and this was just Greenwald's warm up):

Nothing is easier and cheaper -- or more worthless -- than making sweeping, categorical criticisms of large groups without bothering to identify a single specific. Who specifically are the "left-wing bloggers" spouting ill-informed and misleading statements in opposition to the bailout? Specifically, what have they said that isn't true, and which "mainstream media" reporters have "actually do[ne] reporting" and "understand things" and thus saved the country from being misled by the blogging-morons who dare to oppose the bailout?

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