NYTimes quotes Michelle Malkin

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As if she's an authority on something, which is always dangerous.

The article is about Charlie Gibson and the reviews he received for his interviews with Sarah Palin. The Times reported that conservative were angry and noted that Malkins on her blog, "posted the headline "ABC News Blows It" on michellemalkin.com minutes after the first of Mr. Gibson's interviews had been shown on "World News" on Thursday. Specifically, "The concerns she tallied about Mr. Gibson included: "Taking quotes out of context," "Getting basic facts wrong," and "engaging in distortionary hype.""

That's all well and good. But this being Michell Malkin, whose track record for truth telling is thin, the Times should have tried to determine whether her allegations carried any weight. The Times did not, giving readers the impression that Malkin was dealing with facts. (Not smart.)

Had the Times bothered to investigate, it would have discovered that, for instance, for her claim that Gibson got "basic facts wrong," Malkin, to prove her point, linked to an item at National Reviews Online which criticized the wording of an ABC News press release touting the Palin interview. That's the proof that Gibson got "basic facts wrong." Oy.

Like we said, whenever the Times feels the temptation to take Malkin seriously, it ought to resist.

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