WaPo plays dumb about Bush Doctrine

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

This is just sad.

Embracing the GOP spin from the right-wing press, the Post on Saturday runs a front page piece actually suggesting it wasn't such big a deal that Sarah Palin didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was when quizzed by ABC's Charlie Gibson this week. The Post, acting confused, claims there have been so many so-called Bush Doctrines that Palin might have just not known which one Gibson was referring to.

Ugh. Let's just say we agree with WaPo reader "toohool" who posted this comment: "This is dumb. Do a Google News search for "Bush Doctrine" for any span of time prior to yesterday. There is no ambiguity."

But look, the Post even got a serious person to back up the laughably thin premise of the article. Which independent source did the paper tap? The Post got a former staff member of Bush's National Security Council.

It makes sense that Charles Krauthammer would float the same Bush Doctrine spin on the WaPo opinion page on Saturday. It's his job to stand up for the GOP ticket. But in the Post's news pages?

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