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Today's edition of The Hotline's "Wake Up Call" includes this mocking entry about Hillary Clinton:

An apparently bored Hillary Clinton is taking on "the sponsors of the Serbian basketball league," because a "fugitive" has reportedly signed a contract to play with "KK Vrbas basketball club" (New York Post).

That snide suggestion that Clinton is wasting her time on trivial matters seems awfully inappropriate in light of the New York Post's explanation of what the fugitive did to one of Clinton's constituents:

The thuggish Slav fled the United States after being bailed out following his arrest for the savage beating on May 4 of SUNY Binghamton student Bryan Steinhauer, 23, at a bar near the school.

Steinhauer, who hails from Brooklyn, has only recently begun emerging from a coma and remains hospitalized.

Kovacevic managed to escape from justice with the help of a Serbian diplomat who issued him an illegal passport to replace the one seized by authorities.

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