RE: Olbermann (and Matthews) yanked from MSNBC political anchoring duties

Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

Glenn Greenwald explains how "The Right dictates MSNBC's programming decisions."

As I've argued in the past, if MSNBC is really lurching leftward, why does Chris Matthews keep suggesting African Americans aren't "regular people"? Why does he say John McCain "deserves" to be president? Why does it give former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough his own television show on which to suggest Barack Obama isn't a "real man"? Why does it employ Pat Buchanan? Pat Buchanan. Why does it send out a steady stream of employees to tout McCain as a "straight-talker" and a "maverick" and a man of "integrity"?

Today's New York Times article about MSNBC's programming decisions includes complaints from conservatives, but doesn't mention any of the above -- or any other criticism of MSNBC from progressives. That's typical of media coverage of MSNBC lately -- include attacks from conservatives, but omit any counter-evidence or complaints from the left -- and it's a big part of the reason why there is a perception the cable channel leans left.

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