Hey McCain camp, make up your mind about the press

Hey McCain camp, make up your mind about the press

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

New press release out today from McCain's camp which contains a laundry list of quotes from, yes, media elites, who praised Palin's speech last night. The press release is supposed to reinforce the narrative of how successful Palin's performance was Wednesday night.

But as Michael Calderone at Politco point out, isn't it odd for the suddenly anti-media McCain camp to be swooning because anchors and pundits at ABC and AP wrote up good reviews for Palin? Republicans have been stressing for weeks how those journalists are so out of touch. But when they toast Palin, suddenly the pundits offer insights into America's soul?

Of course, the media hosannas Palin won for her speech only made more of a mockery of the McCain's team weak argument that the press is out to get him and his running mate.

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