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Rob Morlino

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  • Conservatives who denounced previous CBS poll now mum on latest poll showing same results

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    A March 13 CBS News poll showed President Bush's approval rating at 34 percent -- unchanged from a February 28 CBS poll, despite a substantial increase in the number of Republicans polled relative to Democrats and independents. Conservative media figures attacked the earlier poll's validity, arguing that CBS' sample included a higher percentage of Democrats than they contended accurately reflected the general population. Now that CBS has released an updated poll showing that a roughly equal percentage of Democrats and Republicans produced the same approval rating for Bush, will the same media figures who denounced the prior poll report on the newest results?

  • The Hill pushed GOP attack on ethics watchdog

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    An article in the Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill made a poorly substantiated claim that "tax experts" believe that Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a nonprofit government ethics watchdog group, may have violated IRS regulations governing nonprofit organizations by filing ethics complaints with the Justice Department and Federal Elections Commission against mostly Republican members of Congress. The claim against CREW was forwarded by Republicans, but the article downplayed the claim's partisan nature. In fact, no complaint has been filed with the IRS, and two of the three "experts" cited in the article demonstrated either incomplete or inaccurate knowledge of the issue.

  • Wall Street Journal cast Frist as Bush opponent on ports deal, ignored his later flip-flop

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    A Wall Street Journal article suggested that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist paved the way for Senate Republicans to oppose President Bush's push for the completion of a deal that would have permitted Dubai Ports World to take over port operations in six U.S. cities. However, while Frist initially expressed concern over the deal, he later shifted his position and aligned himself with supporters of the deal, distancing himself from strong opponents of the deal in both parties.

  • WSJ mischaracterized Alito's expressed views on abortion rights

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    A Wall Street Journal article on the constitutionality of South Dakota's recently passed abortion ban stated that Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito "expressed skepticism about abortion rights while working for the Reagan administration." However, the suggestion that Alito merely "expressed skepticism" about abortion rights mischaracterizes his clearly articulated view that there is no constitutional right to abortion.

  • MSNBC's Matthews claimed dislike of Hillary Clinton determined '94 elections; Buchanan echoed Limbaugh's smear

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    MSNBC host Chris Matthews claimed that voters gave control of the House of Representatives to Republicans in the 1994 elections because they were "tired of Hillary Clinton's, you know, 'I'm going to run the country' mentality." Moments later, echoing a similar smear by Rush Limbaugh, MSNBC political analyst Pat Buchanan disparaged Clinton's speaking voice.

  • NY Times' Sanger, Bumiller smeared Clinton over Pakistan trip

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    New York Times staff writers David Sanger and Elisabeth Bumiller used the opportunity presented by President Bush's March 3 visit to Pakistan to contrast Bush's "more public landing" on Air Force One with Clinton's 2000 visit, in which, Bumiller wrote, he "slipped into Islamabad for six hours on an unmarked military jet." However, both Sanger and Bumiller ignored the historical and political context of Clinton's trip to Pakistan and the security measures taken by Bush that undermine any notion that he "arrived with a roar on Air Force One."