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Dianna Parker

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  • WSJ fails to disclose conflict of interest in health care op-ed

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    The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by radiologist Mark E. Klein criticizing President Obama over the Medicare board's decision not to cover virtual colonoscopies. But Klein performs virtual colonoscopies at his Washington, D.C.-area practice, and the Journal did not disclose his interest in whether Medicaid covers them.

  • "Louisiana Purchase" was a necessary Medicaid fix, but media say it's "corrupt"

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    Media outlets are listing Sen. Mary Landrieu's (D-LA) efforts to insert funding for Louisiana in the Senate health care bill -- dubbed the "Louisiana Purchase" by conservatives -- as an example of Democrats' "corrupt" practices. But the funds are urgently needed to fix the state's Medicaid problems, which are a result of Hurricane Katrina; moreover, many of the state's Republican lawmakers say the fix is necessary, despite criticizing Landrieu for securing it in the bill.

  • Fox News, right-wing blogs attack Obama's embrace of GOP health care ideas as a "gimmick"

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    After previously falsely claiming that Democrats did not include GOP ideas in the health care bill, Fox News and right-wing blogs are now attacking President Obama's plan to consider four GOP ideas as part of a new health care proposal as a "gimmick." They have also seized on a Republican congressman's claim that "Snooki" from MTV's reality show Jersey Shore has "more substance" than Obama's offer to consider the GOP proposals.

  • Fox News continues to attempt to redefine "nuclear option"

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    In its latest attempt to redefine the meaning of the term "nuclear option," Fox News has seized on a Breitbart-promoted video to falsely accuse Democrats of hypocrisy for considering using the reconciliation process to pass health care reform, when they had previously opposed the "nuclear option." But, in fact, the nuclear option referred to a Republican proposal to change Senate filibuster rules on judicial nominees and was not related to reconciliation.

  • Fox Nation, Hot Air attack Obama for JAG practice that existed under Bush

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    The Fox Nation and Hot have seized on a Wall Street Journal article that described how a Marine in Afghanistan consulted a member of the judge advocate general (JAG) corps about the legality of an air strike in order to falsely suggest President Obama initiated a policy where troops in battle would have to call "lawyers for permission to kill terrorists." In fact, news reports indicate that the practice was already in place during the Bush administration.

  • Right-wing media mock Reid for linking unemployment to rise in domestic abuse

    Doocy, RedState, Hoft suggest Reid will abuse his wife if he loses his Senate seat

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    Right-wing media figures have seized on comments Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made linking unemployment to a rise in domestic violence by suggesting that if he loses his re-election bid, then Reid, whose mother was a victim of domestic abuse, will subsequently become abusive toward his wife. Moreover, on Fox & Friends, Laura Ingraham dismissed a 2004 study, which found that "the rate of violence increases as the number of periods of male unemployment increases," to claim that Reid's comments were "lunacy" and "stigmatize the unemployed"; in addition to the 2004 study from which Reid was apparently citing, several other studies and experts indicate that there is a link between abuse and unemployment.

  • Wash. Post still publishing George Will's climate misinformation

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    In his Washington Post column, George Will -- who has been widely criticized for making inaccurate statements about climate change -- distorted comments made by climate scientist Phil Jones in order to suggest that human-caused warming is not occurring. In fact, Jones said that he is "100% confident that the climate has warmed" and added that "there's evidence that most of the warming since the 1950s is due to human activity."