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  • Breitbart-promoted video distorts Wallis to claim he advocates "forced redistribution of wealth"

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    Andrew Breitbart's website is pushing a new video that suggests Obama adviser Rev. Jim Wallis advocated for a "forced redistribution of wealth" that strings together cropped comments from Wallis' past interviews and panel discussions, many of which have been previously distorted by Glenn Beck. But as the context of Wallis' remarks make clear, he in no way advocated for "forced" redistribution of wealth; but rather in most cases, he discussed his beliefs regarding the "spiritual" responsibility of helping the poor to achieve economic parity.

  • Right-wing media's latest smear: Stupak bribed with airport funds

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    Right-wing media seized on Rep. Bart Stupak's (D-MI) recent announcement that three airports in his district received federal grant money in order to baselessly claim the Obama administration bribed him for his vote on health care reform. In fact, there is absolutely no evidence that the airport funds are related to Stupak's vote, and indeed, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded grants in 47 states -- including one in Minority Leader John Boehner's district -- as part of a decades-old airport improvement program.

  • "The end of America as you know it"

    The right-wing forecast for post-health-care-reform America


    From claiming that passing health care reform legislation will signify "the end of America as you know it" to predicting an "insurrection" should health care reform become law, Media Matters takes a look back at the variety of doomsday scenarios right wing media figures offered in the lead-up to the March 21 vote.

  • HotAir falsely suggests "Louisiana purchase" doesn't have "anything to do with health care"

    ››› ››› DIANNA PARKER blogger Cassy Fiano criticized President Obama for standing by a provision in the health care bill that provides funding for states that have suffered natural disasters and stated, "I just don't see how disaster relief has anything to do with health care." In fact, the funding is tied to health care because it would fix gaps in federal Medicaid payments that some states -- such as Louisiana and Hawaii -- have experienced as a result of recent disasters.

  • Media falsely attribute doctor survey to New England Journal of Medicine

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    Conservative media figures and outlets have falsely claimed a New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) survey found that 46 percent of primary care physicians would consider leaving their profession if Democrats' health care reform bill passes. In fact, NEJM says that the 3-month-old email "survey" was not published in or conducted by NEJM.

  • Follow the leader: Fox's "news" division routinely promotes and echoes Beck


    Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz recently reported that some "Fox journalists" believe that colleague Glenn Beck "uses distorted or inflammatory rhetoric that undermines their credibility." Nevertheless, Fox News' reporters and "news" programs have routinely promoted and echoed Beck on stories such as the 9-12 Project, tea party protests, ACORN and former White House officials Van Jones and Anita Dunn.

  • Beck attacks social justice


    Glenn Beck has repeatedly attacked the concept of social justice and churches that promote it, asserting that it is "code language for Marxism" and warning that "when you see those words, run." In fact, numerous churches and religious faiths, as well as prominent religious scholars, espouse social justice, including the Catholic Church, the Conservative and Reform movements of Judaism, and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Upping the double standard: Fox now asking if it's "time for Speaker Pelosi to go"

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    Despite presenting no evidence that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was personally aware of concerns regarding former-Rep. Eric Massa's behavior months before those claims were made public, Fox & Friends hosted a panel on March 12 to discuss whether it's "time for Speaker Pelosi to go." But Fox news figures defended then-House Speaker Dennis Hastert after it became public in 2006 that Hastert had likely been personally informed of an inappropriate email then-Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) sent to a congressional page.

  • Fox accuses admin of "secret" and "sinister" plan to "grab" land

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    Seizing on allegations made by Rep. Bob Bishop (R-UT), Fox & Friends accused the Obama administration of moving ahead with a "secret" and "sinister" plan to "grab 12, 13 million acres, designating them as federal monuments." In fact, there is no such plan; the allegations are reportedly based on a "very preliminary" Department of Interior memo "brainstorming" possible "candidates" for monument status, and the Interior Department has said "[n]o decisions have been made about which areas, if any, might merit more serious review and consideration."

  • Thiessen brings "shameful" attacks on DOJ lawyers to Fox

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    Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen appeared on Fox & Friends to promote his attacks on Department of Justice lawyers who previously represented or advocated for terror suspects and other detainees. Thiessen claimed the lawyers were "trying to spring terrorists out of Guantanamo" and again distorted DOJ lawyer Jennifer Daskal's past legal arguments.