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  • Fox rushes to politicize attempted NYC car bombing

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    Fox & Friends rushed to politicize the recent attempted car bombing in New York City by falsely claiming the Obama administration "refuses to say the word terror," by citing the incident to demand that the administration hold Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's trial outside of the city, and by asking whether the administration is "sleeping while the enemy plans" attacks.

  • There are quite a few on the "left" at Fox News these days

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    This morning, Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson said the "left" is concerned that Arizona's immigration law "will make it easier to racially profile." Carlson said this while teasing a segment of an interview with an Arizona sheriff who she purported would say the left's claim is "not even close."

    Well, Fox News' own legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano may be surprised to hear he's joined the flanks of the "left." Just two days ago, he told Fox & Friends that "Arizona has given the police the power to stop anyone they want on the basis of the way they look," and that the law is "subjective":

    The state of Arizona has given the police the power to stop anyone they want on the basis of the way they look, even though the Constitution and federal law prohibits that. And the state of Arizona has created a crime unique to Arizona, which is being present illegally in the state of Arizona...Think about it. The police are going to stop somebody on the basis of way they look and say I think you're here illegally, give me your papers. And then he has to say, by the way, you have a right to remain silent, you don't have to answer me. So what's going to be accomplished by this other than police stopping people whoever they want to stop.


    The problem with the law is that it's subjective. What's reasonable suspicion to you might be unreasonable suspicion to me. The law has to have standards in it. Otherwise police could stop people for any reason they wanted and there would be a different standard for each police officer. That's the importance of that question to the governor. Can you tell and illegal alien from a legal alien by looking at them? She said of course I can't. Neither can the police."

    Also joining the "left" on this issue are Fox News' Charles Krauthammer and Mike Huckabee, MSNBC's conservative morning-show host Joe Scarborough, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio.

    It's not surprising that Carlson assigned concerns over the bill to the "left." Fox News figures have not been paying attention to their own network lately.

  • Lowry, Examiner blame Obama for AZ law by pointing to defunding of failed virtual border fence

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    New York Post columnist Rich Lowry and The Washington Examiner defended the controversial new Arizona immigration law by suggesting the state was forced to act because the Obama administration was not enforcing immigration policies; specifically, citing frozen funding for a virtual border fence. However, the administration reportedly stopped funding the virtual fence because it was over-budget, behind schedule, and a "complete failure," and the administration has redirected money to "other tested, commercially available security technology along the Southwest border."

  • Fox News whitewashes Franklin Graham's incendiary rhetoric about Islam

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    Fox News hosts rushed to defend Rev. Franklin Graham both before and after the Pentagon's decision to rescind his invitation to National Prayer Day, reportedly due to concerns over his incendiary comments about Islam. In doing so, the hosts often played portions of Graham's April 22 Fox News interview but omitted controversial comments Graham made during that appearance; they also ignored previous inflammatory comments Graham has made about the religion.

  • Doocy must read his Drudge headlines too fast

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    Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy just did a "news by the numbers" report that went a little something like this:

    DOOCY: Time for news by the numbers on this Friday. First, $50.7 billion -- that's how much the Pentagon plans to spend on military health care in the next year. It's 167 percent higher than in 2001. That's a lot.

    Next, $140,000 -- that's the price of the new light fixtures in the House cafeteria. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says they will make the Capitol a shining example of green technology. Those lights -- that they bought for $140,000 -- will take 10 years to pay off. Oh brother.

    And last, 9,000 -- that's how many gallons of gas officials estimate President Obama burned on his Earth Day trip to and from Iowa. He took two flights on Air Force One and four on Marine One.

    Small problem, Doocy: Obama's fuel use was last year's right-wing media freak out. He wasn't even in Iowa for Earth Day yesterday.

  • A Very Un-Happy Earth Day to Gretchen Carlson

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    Today, Gretchen Carlson wished everyone a "Happy Earth Day," and then proceeded -- along with co-host Brian Kilmeade and Media Research Center's Brent Bozell -- to bad-mouth climate scientists. Today, of all days, the Fox & Friends crew decided to spread more falsehoods about "Climategate."

    First of all, there is no excuse for this, because these lies have been debunked for months. Carlson claimed the apparently stolen emails "expos[ed]" that "scientists held back data that discredits theories on global warming." Kilmeade suggested one scientist's use of the word "trick" means he manipulated data. Bozell said the emails show "there were campaigns to manipulate the data in their favor. There was a campaign to destroy evidence that would go against them, to manipulate that evidence."

    Then, in a stunning display of hypocrisy, they actually criticized other networks -- namely ABC News and NBC News -- for bias in their coverage of "Climategate" and accused them of ignoring the story.

    Know what Fox & Friends ignored and conveniently left out of their Earth Day segment? Three separate official inquiries have found there is no evidence that the scientists at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit manipulated or falsified data.

    Carlson owes Mother Earth a retraction.

  • Fox & Friends celebrates Earth Day by pushing "Climategate" falsehoods

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    After wishing viewers a "Happy Earth Day," Fox & Friends hosts devoted a segment to pushing falsehoods about "Climategate" and alleging that other news networks "ignored" the story. However, despite falsely claiming the emails show that climate scientists "manipulated data," Fox & Friends did not report that several official inquiries into the scientists' conduct found that they did not manipulate data.

  • Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

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    Want to be on Fox & Friends? Buy some Magic Markers and cardboard, scribble some anti-Obama phrases on it, and plant it in your front yard. Chances are good that your phone will ring not long afterward with an invite to the show to discuss your sign.

    You'll get that invitation because Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade are willing to promote anyone who uses signage to express displeasure with the Obama administration and Democrats (and non-Christians, but that's a separate issue). Like this: