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  • Right-wing media distort testimony to claim Obama knew about Blagojevich "quid pro quo"

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    Right-wing media are misrepresenting testimony from former Gov. Rod Blagojevich's aide John Harris to claim President Obama knew that Blagojevich wanted a Cabinet post in exchange for appointing Valerie Jarrett to the Senate. In fact, Harris provided no evidence that Obama was aware of a proposed "quid pro quo"; the allegation is reportedly based on Blagojevich's unsupported claim that he was "confident" his wishes had been relayed to Obama. Moreover, there's no evidence that anyone at the White House did anything improper in relation to the Blagojevich scandal

  • Is Fox News cleaning themselves up for Murdoch?

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    Could it be true that Rupert Murdoch really doesn't know what's going on at his own news organization? That seemed to be the case in April when Media Matters asked him whether Fox News' extensive promotion of the Tea Party was appropriate, and Murdoch said he didn't think Fox News "should be supporting the Tea Party," but that he'd have to "investigate" "before condemning anyone."

    This morning, we may have discovered why Murdoch seems clueless when it comes to Fox News' agenda: they clean up their act when the big boss is around.

  • Rove propagates public misconception about job losses

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    In his Wall Street Journal column, Karl Rove forwarded the falsehood that President Obama's economic policies have not slowed job losses, citing it as one of his "failures." In fact, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data show several months of positive job growth, and independent analysts predicted unemployment rates would have been higher without the stimulus.

  • Right-wing media launches absurd attack on Chu for praising BP grant in 2007

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    Right-wing media are absurdly attacking Energy Secretary Steven Chu's past praise of BP for awarding UC Berkley an alternative energy grant which Chu said would help "save the world." But the grant had bipartisan support, and scientists and university professors praised the grant's importance for alternative energy research aimed at weaning the world off of oil.

  • Malkin ignores Senate confirmations in attack on Obama "czars"

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    Columnist Michelle Malkin falsely suggested that the Obama administration "bypassed the Senate advise-and-consent role" in the appointment of 40 "czars," who she called "shadow secretaries with broad powers beyond congressional reach." In fact, many of these officials have been confirmed by the Senate or were appointed to positions created through legislation passed by Congress; additionally, a number of the officials had counterparts in the Bush administration.

  • When media attack: The "details" edition

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    Media are criticizing President Obama's address on the Gulf oil spill as lacking specifics. MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski described such criticism as "drivel" and argued that they would criticize his speech no matter what he says; indeed after past speeches and press conferences, the media attacked him for being too professorial, lecturing, boring, or arrogant.

  • Perino whitewashes Bush drilling regulation failures


    Responding to Democrats who have cited the Bush administration while discussing problems currently facing the U.S., including the Gulf oil spill, Dana Perino stated on Fox News, "They know that that is not true," and challenged them to "name one regulatory piece that was repealed during the Bush administration that led to this or that." However, the federal offshore drilling regulator under the Bush administration relaxed regulatory standards and was plagued by ethics scandals.

  • Kuhner says Obama's "ass" comment amounts to "street-gangster language"

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    When Matt Drudge characterized President Obama saying the word "ass" during a recent interview as him going "street," a few in the media -- including Fox News' Juan Williams -- noted that Drudge's language was racially-tinged. Well, Jeffrey Kuhner took it one step further in his Washington Times column, calling Obama's comment "street-gangster language more befitting a community organizer in the South Side of Chicago." From the June 10 column:

    President Obama has degraded the office of the presidency - once again. Coming under increasing criticism for his inept handling of the BP oil spill, Mr. Obama is resorting to being vulgar in the hope of appearing tough to the American public.

    In a recent interview on NBC's "Today Show," Mr. Obama responded to critics who charge that his reaction to the spill should be more engaged and forceful.

    "I was down there a month ago, before most of these talking heads were even paying attention to the Gulf," the president said. "And I don't sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar; we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick."

    Really? Mr. Obama should be ashamed of himself. Presidents historically have used salty, even profane language in private discussions - Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman and Richard Nixon being the most notable. Yet in public statements, they understood the need to represent the dignity and decorum of the Oval Office. Every president has - until Mr. Obama.

    The presidency is not just the highest office in the land; it embodies the collective will of America's democracy. Mr. Obama occupies a sacred and noble position entrusted by the American people. His comments convey utter contempt for the office he occupies. This is street-gangster language more befitting a community organizer in the South Side of Chicago than the leader of the Free World. It is political posturing masquerading as decisive leadership.


    Mr. Obama's seminal flaw is that he lacks any executive experience. He is unable to govern effectively because he has never had to do so. He has never run a business, a town or a state. In fact, he has never run a lemonade stand. His entire adult life has been spent in the bureaucratic class - as a community organizer, radical professor or politician. He has been part of the nonproductive segments of society, the parasitical elements living off the wealth of the private sector.

  • Fox News strains to tie Obama administration to BP

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    Fox News pushed the tenuous suggestion that White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has unethical "ties" to BP because he once lived in the home of Stan Greenberg, a D.C. research strategist who has done work for the oil company. In fact, there is no evidence that Emanuel's relationship with Greenberg -- which dates back several decades -- has anything to do with BP or benefited BP in any way. Moreover, Brian Kilmeade falsely claimed BP donated $750 million to Barack Obama's presidential campaign, which would have amounted to the entirety of Obama's campaign haul.

  • So, does this mean Andrew Malcolm is beholden to big oil?

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    A few days ago, Los Angles Times blogger Andrew Malcolm suggested that Rahm Emanuel has "ties that bind" to British Petroleum, and that it may be a part of the "corporate political connection and the quiet way the inner political circles intersect, protect and care for one another in the nation's capital." The reason? Emanuel reportedly once lived rent-free in the home of D.C. pollster Stan Greenberg, and Greenberg's research firm once did re-branding work for BP.

    Playing the guilt by association game can backfire, if you're not careful. Take a stab at guessing which company Greenberg also considers a client.