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  • Fox News Gins Up "Controversy" Over Summer Lunch Program For Low-Income Neighborhoods

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    Fox News trumpeted critics' complaints that the USDA's Summer Food Service Program might feed children who aren't in need. However, as even Fox acknowledged, meal sites operate only in low-income areas where at least half of children qualify for free or reduced lunches during the school year. Fox also failed to fully acknowledge the benefits of the program.

  • Fox Hypes Daily Mail Article To Help Palin Promote "Death Panels" Lie

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    Fox News host Greg Gutfeld hyped a Daily Mail article that smears end-of-life care in Britain as "euthanasia," repeating the article's false claim that "130,000 elderly patients are euthanized prematurely" because of the health care system there. In fact, the kind of care that these patients receive is offered only after their doctors "agree that all reversible causes for their condition have been considered."

    Gutfeld made his claim while the show he co-hosts, The Five, was hosting Fox News contributor Sarah Palin to discuss the Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act. Palin again peddled the long-debunked claim that the Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board is a "death panel" that "will tell you ... whether your level of productivity in society is worthy of receiving the rationed care that will be the result of Obamacare."

    Gutfeld agreed with Palin and responded: "To your point, the Daily Mail in the U.K. reported that 130,000 elderly patients are euthanized prematurely because they don't have enough room for beds. Which goes to your point -- inevitably, this is what happens."

  • No Apology Yet From O'Reilly For Incorrect Prediction About Health Care Ruling

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    Bill O'Reilly promised in March that he would "apologize for being an idiot" if the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. But after the historic ruling upholding the law, O'Reilly called into his Fox News show, which was being guest-hosted by Laura Ingraham, and didn't mention his previous pledge to apologize or his prediction that it would be overturned.

    Instead of addressing his promise, O'Reilly chose to push a number of debunked falsehoods about the health care law.

    On the March 26 broadcast of his show, O'Reilly hosted Caroline Fredrickson, president of the American Constitution Society, who said the legislation "doesn't actually require people to buy health insurance" but "imposes a penalty" on those who don't. She described this as "a tax power," and indeed, the Supreme Court would later rule that the mandate is "authorized by Congress's power to levy taxes."

    O'Reilly concluded the segment by saying, "Miss Fredrickson, you're going to lose, and your arguments are specious. ... And if I'm wrong, I will come on, and I will play your clip, and I will apologize for being an idiot."

  • Ingraham Greets Ruling On AZ Law By Smearing Immigrants, Distorting Immigration Facts

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    On The O'Reilly Factor, guest host Laura Ingraham discussed the June 25 Supreme Court ruling striking down several parts of Arizona's immigration law. While talking to Chuck Rocha of the American Worker Latino Project, Ingraham used phony statistics to smear immigrants as criminals and fearmongered about an immigrant invasion that isn't happening.

    While talking to Rocha, Ingraham implied immigrants commit more crimes than native-born Americans, citing anecdotes about crimes committed by undocumented immigrants and concluding with the dubious claim that "13 or 12 people a day" "are killed under DUIs by illegals":

    INGRAHAM: A lot of these people just say, you know, look, my kids' school has crowded classrooms. Our health care costs are still ballooning. We just had this case just a few months ago in Chicago -- this guy wasn't deported. He ended up running over a 66-year-old insurance salesman -- 66-year-old man dead because this illegal immigrant was not reported to ICE, and he was never deported. We have people killed all over this country. Girls raped, little baby girls raped in Escondido, horrible story over the last six months. What do you say to those families?

    ROCHA: I say to those families that you are talking about just a small portion of the immigrants who are here.

    INGRAHAM: Doesn't feel small to the mother whose daughter was raped by an illegal immigrant, does it?

    ROCHA: That's right. That person should be deported and should be dealt with by every extent of the law.


    ROCHA: Let's be clear that we have 12 million immigrants that are in this nation. There's going to be a small portion of that just like a small portion who are here legally, who were born here --

    INGRAHAM: Right, but the point is, they were born here. And crime is crime. But when people weren't supposed to be here in the first place, that crime would have never been committed. Isn't that the case?

    ROCHA: That is the case to a certain extent.

    INGRAHAM: No. To a -- that is the case. Is it not?

    ROCHA: No, no. No, it's not the case. We have a broken system.

    INGRAHAM: So the people -- the 13 or 12 people a day who are killed under DUIs by illegals -- those people would be alive if our immigration laws were enforced.

    This would be indeed be shocking if true, since it would mean that almost half of DUI fatalities in the United States were caused by undocumented immigrants, who make up an estimated 4 percent of the population.

  • Lou Dobbs' Sneering, Fact-Challenged Interview With Jose Antonio Vargas

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    Lou Dobbs has long been notorious for his attacks on and misinformation about immigrants; he has associated with an organization designated as a "hate group" for its anti-immigrant rhetoric. Dobbs continued this pattern in a June 22 interview on his Fox Business show with activist Jose Antonio Vargas -- a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who is also an undocumented immigrant.

    Dobbs' bluster during the segment was matched only by both his obliviousness to the facts of the immigration debate. (Earlier this week, Dobbs couldn't be bothered to learn even a basic fact about the Obama administration's recent announcement that it will stop deporting some younger undocumented immigrants.)

    Vargas discussed the DREAM Act and the challenges facing immigrants who, like him, were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Dobbs repeatedly suggested that undocumented immigrants should just come out of the shadows and apply for citizenship. He failed to understand that the point of the current debate is that they can't.

  • Hannity Rips "Obama-Mania Media Bias" In Fox's Coverage Of Daily Caller Heckling

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    Sean Hannity often complains about the supposed "liberal bias" of the mainstream media. He also sometimes fails to notice that his colleagues at Fox News are espousing these supposed "Obama-mania" views.

    On his June 18 Fox News show, Hannity hosted Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro to talk about Munro's recent heckling stunt in the Rose Garden. After playing video clips showing Munro shouting questions at President Obama during his immigration policy announcement, Hannity said, "Now, the mainstream Obama-mania media has jumped all over Munro for daring to question the president." Watch:

    Yet at least five of Hannity's fellow Fox News employees have "jumped all over Munro" for his behavior in the Rose Garden.

    In fact, less than an hour before Hannity's softball interview with Munro, Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg appeared on The O'Reilly Factor to call Munro "a jerk" and "totally unprofessional."

  • Lou Dobbs Botches Basic Fact Of Immigration Policy Change

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    Following the announcement that the Department of Homeland Security will stop deporting certain undocumented immigrants, Lou Dobbs incorrectly claimed on his Fox Business show that "a good portion" of those affected were "adults when they came here." In fact, the policy change applies only to immigrants who were brought to the U.S. before they were 16.

  • Fox, CNN Hear Same False Claim About Public-Worker Pay, But Only One Debunks It

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    This week, Fox News and CNN offered starkly differing responses to the false claim from conservatives that "the federal government doesn't pay for teachers, firefighters, or policeman." While Fox figures failed to challenge that statement, CNN's Soledad O'Brien strongly pushed back, correctly noting that there are many federal initiatives that help local and state governments pay teachers, firefighters, and policemen.

    On June 12, Fox & Friends hosted Mitt Romney, who walked back his suggestion that we shouldn't hire "more firemen, more policemen, more teachers." In doing so, Romney claimed that the "federal government doesn't pay" for the hiring of those workers and that the idea is "completely absurd":

    BRIAN KILMEADE (co-host): [President Obama] says that you're out of touch. He says that you want to cut firefighters and teachers, that you don't understand what's going on in these communities. What do you say to that, Governor?

    ROMNEY: Well, that's a very strange accusation. Of course, teachers and firemen and policemen are hired at the local level and also by states. The federal government doesn't pay for teachers, firefighters, or policemen. So, obviously that's completely absurd. He's got a new idea, though, and that is to have another stimulus and to have the federal government send money to try and bail out cities and states. It didn't work the first time. It certainly wouldn't work the second time.

    None of the co-hosts challenged -- or even directly responded to -- Romney's statement.


    But federal dollars do help pay teachers, firefighters, and policemen. The Washington Post's Greg Sargent pointed out that "the federal government does give billions of dollars to states and localities through programs like Title 1, the COPS program, FEMA and others -- which pay for first responders and teachers." The Associated Press fact-checked the claim, too, stating that it's "simply false."

    In stark contrast to the Fox hosts, CNN's Soledad O'Brien debunked the same claim when the subject came up on her show Starting Point this morning.

  • New Stimulus Report, Same Bogus Cost-Per-Job Analysis From Right-Wing Media

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    Right-wing media are using a new report from the Congressional Budget Office to claim that the stimulus "may have cost as much as $4.1 million per job." However, simply dividing the amount of money spent by the number of jobs created is, according to an Associated Press fact check, "highly misleading," and economist Paul Krugman has called this math "bogus." Conservative media regularly use similar calculations to attack jobs initiatives.