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  • Fox Conspiracy Theory: Obama Admin. Is Engaged In "Cover-Up" Of Libya Consulate Attacks


    Fox News hosts accused President Obama and his administration of perpetuating a "cover-up" of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. But the Obama administration is conducting an investigation into the attack, the State Department is setting up an independent panel to investigate it, and the director of the National Counterterrorism Center has testified about the attacks to a congressional committee.

  • Fox Edits History Of The Stimulus To Falsely Claim It Didn't Work


    Fox's Gregg Jarrett used a report produced by Obama's economic advisers to claim Obama had promised unemployment "would now be 5.6 percent"; but the report was produced before the release of data showing the recession was much worse than previously estimated. Jarrett and his guest Art Laffer also suggested Obama's policies have acted as an economic "depressant" rather than "a stimulus," but there is broad agreement among economists that the stimulus helped boost GDP and lower unemployment.

  • AP Fact-Checks Accurate Clinton Comment By Invoking Monica Lewinsky

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    The Associated Press's fact check of President Bill Clinton's DNC speech strained to find statements to check, and at one point attempted to fact-check one of Clinton's accurate assertions by bringing up Monica Lewinsky.

    AP reporters Matt Apuzzo and Tom Raum claimed that Clinton repeatedly "cherry-picked facts or mischaracterized the opposition." Here's one of the "cherry-picked facts" or mischaracterizations that they identified:

    CLINTON: "[The Romney] campaign pollster said, `We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.' Now that is true. I couldn't have said it better myself - I just hope you remember that every time you see the ad."

    This is a direct, verbatim quote from Romney pollster Neil Newhouse as he spoke at an ABC News panel in Tampa last week.

    The AP fails to explain how this claim is a "cherry-picked" fact or a mischaracterization of "the opposition," and instead lays out "THE FACTS" this way:

    THE FACTS: Clinton, who famously finger-wagged a denial on national television about his sexual relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky and was subsequently impeached in the House on a perjury charge, has had his own uncomfortable moments over telling the truth. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky," Clinton told television viewers. Later, after he was forced to testify to a grand jury, Clinton said his statements were "legally accurate" but also allowed that he "misled people, including even my wife."

    That's the entirety of the AP's fact check of that Clinton statement: Clinton accurately quotes a Romney pollster, and AP responds by dredging up the Monica Lewinsky affair.

  • Fox's Dishonest Handling Of Whether Americans Are "Better Off" Than They Were

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    On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace advanced Mitt Romney's claim that Americans can't say they are better off than they were four years ago. Wallace ignored that economists have said the economy has indeed improved since President Obama took office following the worst economic quarter in decades, and that his policies have helped create millions of jobs.

  • Media Ignore Romney's Double Standard On Business Experience

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    In his speech at the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney suggested that Barack Obama was unqualified to be president because he didn't have enough experience working in a business. In reporting this claim, media outlets have not noted that Romney selected a vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, who has worked almost exclusively in the public sector.

  • REPORT: How The Media Covered Two Romney Falsehoods


    Two recent falsehoods from the Mitt Romney campaign have received media attention: the false claim that President Obama removed the work requirement from welfare, and the false claim that the health care reform bill "cuts" $716 billion from Medicare. While many mainstream media outlets debunked the false claims in much of their coverage, several -- particularly Fox News and The Wall Street Journal -- repeatedly failed to debunk the falsehoods.

  • "Mrs. America": Right-Wing Media Gush Over Ann Romney


    Right-wing media heaped praise on Ann Romney for her Republican National Convention speech, declaring it to be "the single most effective political speech" given by "a political wife" and claiming that "people say" she's "like your best friend's mom." This is a sharp contrast to the right-wing media's vicious smears of Michelle Obama, having attacked her appearance and claimed that she displays "uppity-ism."