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  • Fox Hosts Norquist To Erase $1.5 Trillion In Obama Spending Cuts

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    Fox News gave Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist a platform to claim that Obama "doesn't want spending restraint" when it comes to the federal budget. But neither Fox host Bill Hemmer nor Norquist mentioned the fact that Obama has already signed bills that will reduce spending by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years and that Obama has repeatedly endorsed a balanced approach to deficit reduction that includes both tax increases and spending cuts.

  • Foreign Policy's Tom Ricks Appears On Fox News To Rip Its Overblown Benghazi Coverage

    Ricks Rips Fox's Overblown Coverage Of The Benghazi Attack

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    National security journalist Tom Ricks appeared on Fox News to blast the network's incessant coverage of the attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. After saying that "Benghazi was hyped, by this network especially," Ricks went on to say that "the emphasis on Benghazi has been extremely political, partly because Fox was operating as a wing of the Republican Party."

    Tom Ricks

    Indeed, Fox has relentlessly hyped the Benghazi attack -- and repeatedly pushed distortions of the events that happened before, during, and after the attack.

    For example, Fox claimed that the Obama administration's statements that an anti-Islam video played a role in the attack were indicative of an administration "cover-up"; in fact, reports confirm that some of the attackers say they were motivated by the video. Fox has also attacked Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the U.N., for linking the video to the attacks in a series of Sunday show appearances, even though Rice was accurately conveying the consensus of the intelligence community at the time. Fox even suggested that the Obama administration abandoned Americans to die in Benghazi, despite the fact that reinforcements were sent to Benghazi from Tripoli on the night of the attack.

    Others have criticized overblown reactions to the Benghazi attack: Time's Joe Klein called efforts to "create a scandal" out of Benghazi "tawdry," while the Washington Post editorial board said the conservative response to Benghazi has been focused on "half-baked conspiracy theories." 

  • Daily Caller Gins Up Outrage Over Years-Old Web Page On Benefits For Immigrants


    The Daily Caller attempted to stoke anger about a Homeland Security Web page for new immigrants that provides information about government benefit programs, but buried at the end of its article the fact that the page was created in 2007. The Daily Caller also implied that immigrants abuse the U.S. social safety net, but there are strict eligibility requirements for social welfare programs, and most immigrant visa applicants must sign an affidavit stating they have adequate financial support.

  • Fox Ignores Its Own Reporting To Sow Confusion About Benghazi Talking Points

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    Fox & Friends Saturday speculated that politics had motivated revisions to an early set of Obama administration talking points about the attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Yet a Fox correspondent reported Friday night that some lawmakers said the changes were made to protect classified information.

    U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice used the talking points during September 16 appearances on the Sunday news shows, and Fox News has since sought to scandalize those interviews and use them as ammunition in a campaign to prevent her from being nominated as secretary of state.

    On Fox & Friends Saturday, the co-hosts discussed Friday's closed-door congressional testimony of former CIA director David Petraeus and the revelation that in talking points about the attack, language suggesting the perpetrators belonged to Al Qaeda affiliates had been changed to refer more generally to "extremists."

    At the beginning of the segment, co-host Dave Briggs said, "[T]here are a lot of questions after what Petraeus told Congress. Because we still don't know why exactly the talking points were changed. He said on Friday that he knew it was terrorism from the very start." Later, the co-hosts speculated that the White House had edited the talking points for political reasons:

    MORRIS: By the way, we'll be speaking to Peter King coming up a little later to try to find out who in the administration, then, got the intelligence information in their hands and said, "OK, here the intelligence community says 'Al Qaeda.' Now, let's get the eraser out. Let's change it to 'extremists,' because somehow now we don't want to classify it as Al Qaeda," when it was glaring to General Petraeus and these other intelligence officers?

    BRIGGS: And there's also the question of why change it. If -- and I mean, look --

    MORRIS: To keep with that narrative?

    BRIGGS: It begs the question, did they want to keep that narrative that the war on terror was being won, that Al Qaeda had been crushed?

    Yet on the Friday broadcast of The Five, homeland security correspondent Catherine Herridge reported that while Republicans said the talking points change was "an effort to downplay or minimize the role of terrorists in the Benghazi attack," Democrats say that "these changes were not driven by politics, they were simply made to protect classified information."

  • How Right-Wing Media Heard Obama's Straightforward Answer To A Benghazi Question: He Was "Dodging"

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    Right-wing media figures are claiming that President Obama failed to answer a press conference question about whether he had issued an order to protect those under attack at the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11. But Obama did respond to the question, saying that he ordered his national security team to do whatever was necessary to keep Americans at the compound safe.

  • Limbaugh Theory: White House Is Blackmailing Petraeus Over Benghazi Testimony

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    Rush Limbaugh pushed the baseless theory that the Obama administration is trying to manipulate former CIA director David Petraeus into lying about the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya.

    David Petraeus

    Limbaugh's theory revolves around the release of the information that Petraeus had been involved in an affair, which led to his recent resignation. Petraeus has agreed to testify before Congress about the attack.

    On his Wednesday show, Limbaugh played audio of Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer suggesting that the administration blackmailed Petraeus to influence a September 13 congressional briefing he gave on the Benghazi attack. Limbaugh agreed, saying, "It's a reasonable thing to think [Petraeus] might have been blackmailed over this, and it's reasonable to think he might have wanted to get out from under the blackmail by resigning."

    Limbaugh went on to dismiss the notion that Petraeus' resignation means he is now "free to tell the truth" about Benghazi and claimed the White House will still coerce Petraeus into giving potentially false testimony. Limbaugh said, "I think they've still got something to hold over Petraeus." Referring to the anti-Islam video that reports say motivated the attack, Limbaugh concluded, "If they want him to tell the story about the video, that's what he's going to tell."


  • Drudge Leads Dishonest Attack On Federal Government's Response To Sandy


    The Drudge Report and Fox News have attacked the federal government and President Obama over their response to Hurricane Sandy, with Drudge suggesting that Obama is responsible for hunger in New York City. In fact, the federal government shipped 1 million meals to New York, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other agencies have provided other aid in the days following Sandy.

  • Lou Dobbs Forgets To Report CIA's Denial That It Ordered Personnel To Abandon Americans In Benghazi

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    Fox Business host Lou Dobbs claimed that during the attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, CIA operatives were ordered to stand down instead of aiding those under attack. But Dobbs did not mention that the CIA has denied that its operatives were told not to help those in need -- despite the fact that Fox itself had reported the denial.