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  • Right-wing media concoct Clinton attack on Obama

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    Right-wing media omitted essential context from recent remarks made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to falsely claim that she attacked President Obama's economic policies when she said, "I think that our rising debt levels poses a national security threat," and also to speculate that Clinton is planning to challenge Obama in 2012. In fact, Clinton's full remarks clearly condemned the policies of the Bush administration -- not Obama.

  • Fox slip? Napolitano, Doocy agree Beck's rally was a "political rally"

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    On the September 7 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, Judge Napolitano described Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally as a "political gathering," laughably claiming that Beck's rally was the "largest gathering in American history, largest political gathering in 40 years." Later in the show -- when host Steve Doocy cleaned up Napolitano's ridiculous remarks by pointing to another recent "political gathering" that was much larger than Beck's -- Doocy iterated that Beck's rally was, indeed, a "political gathering."

    This is striking because Beck took great pains to stress that his rally would be "non-political." This claim was clearly preposterous before the rally even took place: The event featured the divisive tea party darling Sarah Palin, was organized by tea party puppet-master FreedomWorks, and was financially supported by some Republican members of Congress. But, now that the rally is over and we've seen the undeniably partisan shots taken by speakers at the event, perhaps Fox figured it was safe to drop the charade?

  • Right-wing media respond to Obama's jobs plan by rehashing tired stimulus falsehoods

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    The right-wing media responded to Obama's new six-year jobs plan by rehashing the tired falsehood that the 2009 stimulus "failed." In fact, the stimulus has been estimated by both the White House and independent analysts to have increased employment by about 2 million jobs relative to a baseline estimate of what jobs levels would have been without the stimulus.

  • Fox disappears right-wing media's role in forming public's misconceptions about Obama

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    While discussing the September 6 Newsweek cover that highlights the commonly held and often contradictory misconceptions about Obama, Fox News contributors Angela McGlowan and John Fund disappeared the right-wing media's role in spreading the misinformation and instead attributed the misconceptions to Obama's own behavior. Indeed, Fox News and the right wing media have been at the forefront of advancing the very misinformation about Obama that Newsweek identified.

  • Right-wing "cannot wait" for gov't shutdown, "just like in '95 and '96"

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    The right-wing media is "giddy" over the possibility of winning a Republican majority in Congress in order to shut down the government. The shutdowns cost the government at least $800 million, furloughed over a million workers, delayed veterans benefits, shut down federally funded research, and suspended certain law enforcement activities, among other things.

  • Fox's wrath reserved for Gibbs while GOP gets softball questions

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    Gretchen Carlson, co-host of Fox News' Fox & Friends, exploded on White House press secretary Robert Gibbs in a very combative interview, which may be apparent by the look on her face:

    But you have to watch the video for yourself to really feel Carlson's wrath:

    While that was certainly amusing, the blaring contrast between the interview technique Carlson used with Gibbs and the style she and her Friends at Fox display with GOP politicians cannot be ignored:

    • On the June 14 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, Media Matters for America noted that Carlson and co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade brought Angle, the Republican nominee in the Nevada Senate race, on for an "exclusive" interview. Carlson asked her about how "it must be such a whirl-wind experience for you, somebody who really has not been in politics before," Kilmeade asked her what "message" Nevadans should "be taking by... giving you the nomination," and Doocy asked her: "[A] lot of people in the mainstream media...are trying to marginalize the Tea Party. They shouldn't, should they?"
    • On April 29 Kilmeade failed to ask Florida GOP congressional candidate Lt. Col. Allen West about West's forced resignation from the Army because he assaulted an Iraqi detainee. Kilmeade was sure to allow West to bash the Obama Administration over the handling of the Christmas Day bomber suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, however.
    • When California GOP Candidate Carly Fiorina appeared on Fox & Friends after winning the Republican Senate primary, the gang asked her such tough questions as, "how did you do it?" and "how much are you looking forward to taking on [Democrat opponent] Barbara Boxer?"
    • While then-GOP senate candidate Scott Brown was fundraising on the show, Doocy showed where his sympathies lay, saying to Brown: Democrats "are really trying to gang up on you."
    • And guest host Alisyn Camerota pulled out the big guns by asking GOP candidate Joe DioGuardi: "what's your platform?" and then gabbing with him about his American Idol daughter Kara.

    The embarrassing list of examples of Fox & Friends' softball interviews with the GOP goes on and on - getting so bad that Fox's own affiliate, Fox5, slammed Fox & Friends for their ridiculous interview with Sharron Angle.

    In today's interview, Carlson helpfully reminded Gibbs that "In baseball, you get three strikes and you're out." Carlson, Fox & Friends and Fox News as a whole have blatantly shown their favoritism for GOP, "striking out" their credibility several times more than three. How many more strikes do they get before we can all just admit that Fox News is not a legitimate news outlet?

  • Fox & Friends' latest extremist guest and convicted child abuser blames teen pregnancy on teaching evolution in school

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    In a strikingly short interview, Fox News' Fox & Friends' Juliet Huddy hosted anti-abortion activist Bob Enyart to discuss the availability of birth control to students at a Colorado school, who have their parents' consent. Ignoring Enyart's multiple convictions and jail sentences that included abusing his stepson, as well as his history of outlandish and disrespectful behavior towards victims of AIDS, Fox gave Enyart a platform to say that the reason teen pregnancy has increased in Denver is because "Kids are told that they're animals...and we shouldn't be shocked when they behave like animals." It's no surprise that Huddy cut him off pretty early on in his rant:

  • Did the WSJ doctor another Obama official's quote?

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    The Wall Street Journal seems determined to paint the Obama administration as anti- business. But is it so committed to pushing this false narrative that it would doctor a quote from an Obama official? In an August 27 editorial, The Wall Street Journal incorrectly quoted Education Secretary Arne Duncan, falsely suggesting that the Department of Education had proposed new regulations that would end federal student aid to for-profit because:

    "Some proprietary schools have profited and prospered, and this is a disservice to students and to taxpayers," said Education Secretary Arne Duncan in justifying the new rules. The politically operative words in that sentence are "profited and prospered," not students and taxpayers.

    But the WSJ editorial, titled "Scapegoating For-Profit Colleges: Obama tees up another private industry for punishment," left out an entire segment of Duncan's sentence. What Duncan actually said was:

    "Some proprietary schools have profited and prospered but their students haven't, and this is a disservice to students and to taxpayers," Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a briefing with reporters. "And it undermines the valuable work, the extraordinarily important work, being done by the for-profit industry as a whole." [emphasis added]

    Eric Gorski, the Associated Press writer who reported on Duncan's quote from a July 23 press briefing, has verified to Media Matters that Duncan made the above statement during a teleconference with the press in which Gorski participated.

    Without that missing fragment, the WSJ's narrative that Obama wants to "punish" "another private industry," because it "profited and prospered," and not because students are being scammed by these for-profit colleges, is much more easily accomplished.

    Indeed, in an August 2010 report, the Government Accountability Office investigated for-profit colleges and found that they "encouraged fraud and engaged in deceptive and questionable marketing practices" that are ultimately wasting tax-payer dollars by encouraging "college personnel to falsify their financial aid forms to qualify for federal aid."

    The Journal seems to be developing a pattern of dishonesty. As recently as June of this year, the Journal fabricated a quote from Obama's National Security Advisor John Brennan to paint Obama as an "alien" who is out of touch with the rest of America on terrorism.

    Did the Wall Street Journal quote doctor strike again?