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  • Fox Dutifully Adopts GOP Spin On Ryan's Medicare Plan

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    Fox News' defense of Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare plan has incorporated language taken straight out of a GOP memo to Republican congressional candidates, proving once more that they are in business to act as the communications arm of the Republican Party.

    Last Monday Politico reported that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) released a memo hours after Ryan was announced as Mitt Romney's vice presidential candidate mandating specific language that GOP congressional candidates should use when defending Ryan's budget and spinning Medicare attacks in their favor. From Politico:

    "Do not say: 'entitlement reform,' 'privatization,' 'every option is on the table,'" the National Republican Congressional Committee said in an email memo. "Do say: 'strengthen,' 'secure,' 'save,' 'preserve, 'protect.'"

    Although the instructions were addressed to GOP politicians, Fox got the memo. Tonight on Fox News' The Five, co-host Dana Perino repeated GOP talking points multiple times to spin Ryan's destructive plan as a way to "preserve" Medicare:  

    PERINO: Paul Ryan's budget proposal, that included a way to preserve Medicare, has become a lightning rod issue in the 2012 presidential race, now that he has stepped into the race.


    PERINO: Is it possibly, maybe, a brilliant move that now we are talking about Medicare and, as Bill Kristol explained, there were cuts of $760 billion, in Obamacare -- in Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Ryan would have preserved it in the trust fund and Romney says "well we'll just deal with that later." Maybe not such a bad idea. [emphasis added]    

    On the August 14 edition of Fox News' The Five, the co-hosts adopted the same talking points to defend Ryan's plan.

  • Despite Fox's History Of Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric, Murdoch To Highlight Positive Role Of Immigrants

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    Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of Fox News' parent company News Corp., plans to join New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg today for a forum on immigration policy. Despite Fox News' history of demonizing immigrants and their constant use of anti-immigrant rhetoric, Murdoch plans to highlight the role of immigrants in American economic successes.

  • "The Rock Star Of American Politics": Fox Welcomes Paul Ryan To The Campaign


    Fox News hosts and contributors are thrilled with Mitt Romney's selection of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate. In the hours since the selection was made public, Fox figures have heaped praise on Ryan, labeling him a "rock star" pick who has "set the world on fire" and, with Romney, formed a ticket reminiscent of Ronald Reagan.

  • Fox Continues Attacks On Welfare Waiver Provision


    Fox News continues to attack the Obama administration over welfare reform by claiming that the waiver provision it recently proposed is "illegal" and beyond the scope of President Obama's executive power. In fact, as the Department of Health and Human Services makes clear, there is nothing illegal in the decision; moreover, past presidents have used such authority.

  • Romney's Tax Plan Would Raise Taxes On The Middle Class, While Cutting Taxes On Wealthy

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    Fox News is trying to cover up the fact that Mitt Romney's tax plan would disproportionately benefit the rich and harm the middle class, as the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center has concluded. The Center found that Romney's plan would "provide large tax cuts to high-income households, and increase the tax burdens on middle- and/or lower-income taxpayers."

  • REPORT: Fox Spends Over 43 Minutes Smearing Elizabeth Warren


    Over three days, Fox News spent at least 17 segments and over 43 minutes of airtime smearing Massachusetts U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren over benign comments she made about infrastructure spending and the success of the wealthy.

    On July 30, Democrats announced that Warren will be given a key speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in September.

    In response to that announcement, Fox, over the following three days, seized on benign remarks Warren had previously made in an effort to smear her. Warren's opponent is Sen. Scott Brown, whom Fox relentlessly campaigned for in 2010.

    One of the comments Fox fixated on came from a recent ad released by Warren's campaign. Fox claimed that in the ad, Warren said she wanted the United States to be "like China" and that she may have "call[ed] for America to go communist." In fact, the Senate candidate said that the U.S. should increase its infrastructure spending in order to compete with countries like China. Warren's comment -- which is supported by studies showing that U.S. infrastructure is deteriorating and needs significant investment -- echoed a similar observation from former Fox contributor Newt Gingrich.

    Fox also attacked Warren over a comment she made during a campaign stop in August 2011 that "[t]here is nobody in this country who got rich on his own." But Warren was merely making the unremarkable observation that the private sector success of the wealthy is driven by government investments funded by the public -- an observation Fox itself has made.

    Fox Devotes At Least 17 Segments And Over 43 Minutes To Smearing Warren

    Fox began their attacks on Warren on July 31, following the announcement that she will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention.

    Among the attacks over Warren's proposal to spend more on infrastructure projects like roads and bridges was Fox Business host Stuart Varney calling Warren a "collectivist" and "anti-private enterprise." Among the attacks over Warren's unremarkable observation on private sector success was Fox's Sean Hannity calling Warren and Obama -- who made similar remarks that were distorted by Fox -- "clueless."

    Fox's Sarah Palin, commenting on Warren speaking at the convention, said that Warren has "almost confessed to her Marxist views."    

    Media Matters monitored Fox's coverage of Warren on July 31, August 1, and August 2 -- the three days following the announcement that she would be speaking at the Democratic National Convention -- and found that Fox News devoted at least 17 segments, including teases, and over 43 minutes to attacking Warren over her comments.

  • Israeli Defense Minister Undermines Right-Wing Narrative That Obama Is Anti-Israel

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    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak threw cold water on the right-wing media narrative that President Obama is anti-Israel, praising Obama for doing "more" for Israeli security than any other U.S. president.

    In an interview with Wolf Blitzer that aired yesterday on CNN's The Situation Room, Barak responded to a question about the state of the current U.S.-Israeli relationship by saying, "I should tell you honestly that this administration under President Obama is doing, in regard to our security, more than anything that I can remember in the past." 

    BLITZER: You've studied U.S.-Israeli relations over many years. How would you describe the relationship today?

    BARAK: I think that from my point of view as defense minister they are extremely good, extremely deep and profound. I can see long years, administrations of both sides of the political aisle deeply supporting the state of Israel, and I believe that reflects the profound feelings among the American people. But I should tell you honestly that this administration under President Obama is doing, in regard to our security, more than anything that I can remember in the past.

    BLITZER: More than any other president? LBJ, Bill Clinton, or George W. Bush?

    BARAK: Yeah, in terms of the support for our security, the cooperation of our intelligence, the sharing of thoughts in a very open way even when there are differences, which are not simple sometimes, I found their support for our defense very stable. 

    Barak's praise for Obama on Israeli security flies in the face of the right-wing media's false narrative that Obama is hostile to Israel, a narrative that goes as far back as 2008. These bogus attacks include claims that Obama and members of his administration are anti-Semitic and that Obama may use military force against Israel.   

    Just yesterday, conservative media figures added to this narrative by remarking that Obama, as president, hasn't visited Israel.

    During an appearance on Fox News' Special Report, Fox contributor and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol praised Romney's recent visit to Israel while noting that "President Obama has not been in Israel as president of the United States." Fox's Sean Hannity similarly said that it is an "alarming fact that after nearly four years in office, President Obama has yet to visit our closest ally in the Middle East in what is now a very troubling time."

    In fact, Obama visited Israel as a candidate, just like Mitt Romney, and it is not unusual for a president to not make a trip to Israel during a first term. Furthermore, none of the previous three Republican presidents made trips to Israel at this point in their presidencies, and neither Ronald Reagan nor George H.W. Bush traveled to Israel as president at all. 

  • Fox Hiding Half The Story On Automatic Spending Cuts


    Fox News is telling a one-sided story focused exclusively on cuts to defense spending that were included in a 2011 budget deal. What Fox is not telling its viewers is that the deal also included cuts to critical services for vulnerable Americans and reductions in important medical research funding, and that non-defense spending cuts would lead to a loss of more than 1 million jobs.

  • Conservative Media Cover Up Support For Contraception Policy


    Conservative media have continued to cover up the fact that many Catholic and other religious institutions have come out in support of the Obama administration's policy that ensures women have access to affordable insurance coverage for birth control while making sure no religious organization has to pay for this coverage. Their concealment of this fact came in response to evangelical Wheaton College's announcement that it will join a lawsuit against the policy.