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  • UPDATED: Baier Rethinks Coverage Of Ron Paul After Jon Stewart Calls Him Out

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    Last night on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart called out the broadcast media for failing to include Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) in the top tier of potential candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. One of the people Stewart called out was Bret Baier. Stewart accused Baier of giving a "smirk and an eye roll" after Paul promised to bring troops home during the GOP presidential debate that Baier co-moderated.

    Stewart's criticism appeared to hit home. The very next day Bret Baier appeared on Fox News' Happening Now and stated: "One person to not discount, and we don't, is Congressman Ron Paul." Baier added: "There has been a lot of media criticism about the media coverage of Congressman Paul and I think that is a fair assessment."

    Baier also asserted that Paul "will be a factor throughout this race."

    Following Baier's lead, Happening Now host Jenna Lee reported on a recent spike in sales for Texas Governor Rick Perry's book since he entered the race for the Republican presidential nomination. She then noted that other candidates have written books as well, singled out Ron Paul's book for mention, and promised to check "and see if they've probably gotten a bump up as well."


    Bret Baier responded to Jon Stewart's comments on Twitter:

    Funny - but my smirk there was NOT over what congressman Paul said - it was ovr the fact that i couldn't control the crowd outbursts - during the breaks -i had asked them 5 times 2 hold applause - stewart misinterpreted it RT @RayZorback @Bret_Baier did U C John Stewart comment on Ron Paul vs media? He pokes fun at U 2 (in gd fun). It's hilarious.

  • Fox "Straight News" Cuts Off Obama To Spend More Time Attacking Him

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    Today President Obama began his Midwest bus tour with a stop in Cannon Falls, Minnesota where he spoke about jobs and the economy. After his prepared remarks, an audience member asked Obama: "How are you going to use renewable energy to create jobs in the future?" Megyn Kelly, who is supposed to be one of Fox News' "straight news" anchors, cut off Obama in the middle of his answer, claiming: "There you have it, they're moving away from the core issue which is jobs."

    Kelly then turned for reaction to Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, a promoter of Obama birther theories and a serial Obama basher. Dobbs proceeded to attack the president. Dobbs claimed that Obama has not "put forward legislation" for any of his job-creating plans and asserted that Obama was playing "small ball" and even "whiffle ball" on jobs.

  • Right-Wing Media Use London Riots To Push For More Lenient Gun Laws

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    Last month, we documented how right-wing media used the Norway terrorist attack to push for more lenient gun laws. They're at it again, now using the riots in the United Kingdom as their hook.

    Today, Andrew Breitbart's Big Government published a blog post by AWR Hawkins headlined "If We Let the Government Take Our Guns, We'll Have To Run and Hide Like Londoners." Hawkins claimed that "because England banned the private ownership of handguns the "criminals are confident the citizenry is thoroughly unarmed" and are "going into homes and business ... taking whatever they want." They then attempt to strike fear into readers by suggesting "if we ever let the government take our guns, it won't be long till we'll be scrambling under tables like Londoners."

    He punctuated that post with this picture, although it's unclear if this is supposed to be a picture of the rioters or those running in fear because they don't have guns:

    Not to be outdone, Fox News soon got into the act.

  • How Low Can Fox Go?

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    Today, Fox News hosts proved they would use anything to bash President Obama and American progressives, whether it was riots in London or President Obama's decision to honor the slain members of Navy SEAL Team Six during a speech yesterday.

    During the 4 pm hour, Neil Cavuto hosted Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation, Margaret Thatcher Center to use the United Kingdom riots as a platform to attack progressive British and American politicians. He claimed that the "far left" in both countries justify "acts of pure anarchy" in order to push their agenda:

    Not to be outdone, during the 5 pm hour, The Five's Andrew Napolitano claimed that Obama honored the slain Navy SEALs in a speech yesterday, that was otherwise focused on the economy and the financial markets, "to get the economy off the front page."

    These kinds of actions makes you wonder just how low Fox is willing to go in order to bash the left.

  • Fox's Attacks On Geithner Hit A Snag

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    On his show today, Fox News' Vice President of Business Neil Cavuto followed the Fox party line by pushing his guests to say that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner should be fired. But the line of attack didn't go well for Cavuto today.

    Google Chairman Eric Schmidt told Cavuto the "current criticism of Tim Geithner is probably misplaced":

  • Market Bull: Cavuto Suggests Specter Of Tax Hikes Caused Stock Market Decline

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    On his Fox News show, Fox senior vice president of business Neil Cavuto suggested that the sharp decline in the stock market may be related to the possibility that taxes may be increased. However, many other news outlets, including, reported that the stock market decline was linked to recent data showing decreased consumer spending and the lack of growth in personal incomes.

  • Breitbart Blogger: U.S. "Open[s] The Doors To Sodomites From Around The World"

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    In an August 1 blog post for Andrew Breitbart's Big Peace, Paul Hair attacked the U.S. government for deciding to drop deportation proceedings against an undocumented immigrant who married his same-sex U.S. citizen partner (deportations against opposite sex couples are traditionally dropped in such circumstances). Consistent with the course taken by Breitbart and his bloggers on gay rights issues, Hair warned people to "be prepared for the left to open the doors to sodomites from around the world under the guise that they are 'asylum seekers' needing to get away from oppression."

    From Hair's piece:

    " published an article on July 1 entitled, "Halt to Deportation of Citizen's Same-Sex Partner Draws Fire" (HT: The Core Report). The article says the executive branch has ignored the law and allowed a foreign invader to remain in our nation, recognizing the male invader's "marriage" to an American man."

    "And as leftists always do, they justify this blatant defiance of the law by saying they are correct for doing so."


    "In other words, be prepared for the left to open the doors to sodomites from around the world under the guise that they are 'asylum seekers' needing to get away from oppression. In fact, the left is already using this method. And if you think conservatives are demonized now for opposing the invasion and colonization of America, just think how bad we'll be vilified for, 'Wanting to torture and murder homosexuals all over the world by making them live under oppressive regimes where their lives are even worse than they are here under the Christian Taliban!'"

  • Google Search Easily Debunks Fox's Claim Of Anti-Christian Media "Bias"

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    According to Fox News, the media is inflicted with an anti-Christian and/or pro-Muslim bias. Their evidence? "The mainstream media hammered the fact that the Norway shooter is a Christian, but they seem to be ignoring the fact that the Fort Hood copycat is a Muslim," said Fox host Clayton Morris today, in reference to Naser Jason Abdo, the soldier recently charged with planning an attack on Fort Hood.

    Fox not only claimed that news outlets are "ignoring" Abdo's religious faith, but that they are actually "hiding the fact" that he is Muslim. Fox also hosted Tim Groseclose, author of "Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind," to discuss this alleged media bias, which Groseclose attributed to "political correctness," adding: "It's not in vogue to be Christian... but it is somewhat in vogue to be sympathetic to Muslims among the far left."

    Here's the problem: I couldn't find a single mainstream media outlet that is "leaving out" the fact that Abdo is Muslim ... unless these are not the mainstream media: New York Times, Associated Press, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS.

    That's right. Fox just made it up. Apparently the opportunity to combine two of Fox's favorite narratives -- the persecution of Christianity and liberal media bias - was too good to let the facts intervene.

    Last week on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart noticed that Fox News responded to the recent Norway shootings with claims of media persecution against Christians. Stewart pointed out that Fox News is quick to distinguish violence in the name of a religion from those who practice that religion--as long as that religion is not Islam: