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  • Right-Wing Media Lay Groundwork To Blame Obama If Super Committee Does Not Reach A Deal


    The right wing media have claimed that President Obama is deliberately sabotaging the super committee's negotiations to reach a deal to decrease the deficit in an attempt to strengthen his re-election prospects. But Obama has repeatedly urged the super committee to come to a compromise, while the Republicans on the super committee have refused to compromise, instead proposing massive tax giveaways for the richest Americans and even more massive cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and other programs Americans rely on.

  • Hannity Denies The Existence Of Food Deserts In America

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    During an attack on Michelle Obama for promoting greater access to grocery stores as a way to deal with childhood obesity, Sean Hannity claimed that there are "grocery stores everywhere." In fact, millions of Americans live more than one mile from a grocery store and do not have access to a car, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that greater access to grocery stores is related to a reduced risk for childhood obesity.

  • Pipe Dreams: Fox's Straight News Division Responds To Delay Of Keystone XL With Lies About Jobs

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    Fox's supposedly "straight news" division has used the decision by the State Department to delay consideration of TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline to join its opinion division in grossly exaggerating the number of jobs the project might create.

    The proposed pipeline project has led to massive protests by activist who fear the pipeline could eventually lead to climate change, oil spills, and groundwater contamination. (Of course Fox almost completely failed to cover these protests.) Before the decision, Fox personalities had claimed the pipeline would create somewhere between 50,000 and a million jobs.

    Fox based their numbers on a flawed industry-funded study done by the Texas-based Perryman Group. But TransCanada itself said the pipeline would directly create around 13,000 "new jobs for American Workers." TransCanada later admitted that the 13,000 figure did not mean actual jobs, but was a figure describing jobs for "one person, one year." The Washington Post reported that, based on TransCanada's figures, the number of jobs created would be closer to 6,500 new jobs.

    The TransCanada-funded study also said that 118,000 jobs would be created by the pipeline in a variety of other industries, including the tobacco and apparel industries and that the resulting changes in oil supplies could create 250,000 - 553,235 new jobs. However, an independent study found that the project's "job creation potential is relatively small, and could be completely outweighed by the project's potential to destroy jobs through rising fuel costs, spill damage and clean up operations, air pollution and increased GHG emissions."

    This did not stop Fox's "straight news" division from jumping all over the recent delay as an opportunity to push the same misleading jobs numbers. Fox News' America's Newsroom, Happening Now, and America Live all suggested the president's decision not to react would cost Americans 20,000 new jobs.

    For instance, here's Happening Now co-anchor Jon Scott saying that President Obama has pushed Congress to pass his plan to create jobs, "but now, he's holding up a project that could put 20,000 people to work in this country right away":

  • Fox Wildly Inflates The Number Of Jobs Keystone XL Pipeline Might Create

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    Fox News has claimed that TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL pipeline would create somewhere between 50,000 and a million jobs. In fact, even TransCanada acknowledges that the total jobs created would be far fewer, and an independent report has found that the project could actually destroy more jobs than it creates through higher fuel costs and environmental damage.

  • A Lonely Voice Of Reason Stands Up To Fox's Smears Of Occupy Wall Street

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    During tonight's episode of Fox News' The Five, co-host Juan Williams repeatedly attempted to combat the off-the-wall smears of the Occupy Wall Street movement coming from his co-hosts.

    First the hosts condemned Jesse Jackson for comparing the Occupy Wall Street movement to the Civil Rights movement. Greg Gutfeld described Jackson's comments as an example of "the usual suspects fading in relevance, salvaging careers, by exploiting class envy." Williams responded by saying that Jackson was "absolutely right" and pointed out that all great examples of social change in America had come about because of protests:

    WILLIAMS: Yeah, he's absolutely right when you think about the idea that there's very little change in our country and any society without struggle, without people putting themselves out. You know, Dr. King used to talk about the idea of creative struggle, creative tension. That you would create situations with marches and protests and some cases even break the law. That's why King went to jail. You stop and think about things like the Vietnam War movement, you think about the feminist movement to get votes in this country.

    When Gutfeld responded by calling Occupy Wall Street protesters "annoying," Williams retorted that if Gutfeld had been in Birmingham in the '60s, he would have labeled King a "northern agitator."

    Bolling also claimed Occupy Wall Street had no "overall message, that's the problem." Williams had to add another dose of sanity to the discussion after that, pointing out that the overall concern of Occupy Wall Street is "income inequality" and that is a message that "a good number of Americans embrace."

  • Fox's "Straight News" Desperately Attempts To Label OWS Protesters As Top 1 Percent

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    On today's edition of Special Report -- billed as one of Fox's "straight news" programs -- host Bret Baier highlighted an article by the investment site The Motley Fool in an attempt to place Occupy Wall Street protesters in the top one percent of earners. The article, titled "Attention, Protesters: You're Probably Part of the 1%," explains that a person making $34,000 annually is among the top one percent of income earners worldwide. Baier quoted the article as saying, "Americans we consider poor are among some of the world's most well-off... Many of those protesting the 1% are, ironically, the 1%."

    But in mocking the Occupy Wall Street protesters, Fox ignored that the very same article notes that "[i]n America, the top 1% earn more than $380,000 per year."

    Furthermore, the Congressional Budget Office showed in a recent report that the top one percent of income earners in the United States more than doubled their share of after-tax household income between 1979 and 2007, while those in the lowest and middle three income quintiles saw "their shares of after-tax income decline" during that period. From the report:

    The share of after-tax household income for the 1 percent of the population with the highest income more than doubled, climbing from nearly 8 percent in 1979 to 17 percent in 2007.

    The population in the lowest income quintile received about 7 percent of after-tax income in 1979; by 2007, their share of after-tax income had fallen to about 5 percent. The middle three income quintiles all saw their shares of after-tax income decline by 2 to 3 percentage points between 1979 and 2007.

    The report included the following graph showing increased disparity in household income (after transfers and federal taxes) between the top one percent and the rest of the population between 1979 and 2007:

    This is nothing more than Fox's latest attempt to mock, smear, and deflate the efforts of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

  • Right-Wing Media Go On Attack Against Student Debt Relief

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    Fox News and the right-wing media are attacking President Obama's student loan relief plan as a "campaign speech" and an attempt to "buy votes." Obama's plan is designed to help ease the burden of student loans for millions of people by lowering interest rates, consolidating outstanding student loans, and providing debt relief to students after they spend 20 years paying off their loans.

  • Maroon 5's Adam Levine To Fox: "Don't Play Our Music On Your Evil ... Channel Ever Again"


    In a post on his Twitter feed, Adam Levine, lead singer of pop rock band Maroon 5, commanded Fox News to stop playing its music on air, writing: "Dear Fox News, don't play our music on your evil f****** channel ever again. Thank you." From the post:

    Indeed, on the October 17 edition of Fox News' early morning show, Fox & Friends, Fox played an excerpt from the 2004 Maroon 5 hit "She Will Be Loved" from the band's album Songs About Jane. The song can be heard playing as co-host Steve Doocy teases a story about a cheerleader who fell into a swimming pool at the Pan Am Games in Mexico. As the song is playing, text on the top-left corner of the screen reads: " 'She Will Be Loved' Maroon 5." The show then went to commercial.

    Rolling Stone reported today that "[w]hen reached by Rolling Stone, Levine's representative declined to comment."

  • For Fox, Raising Taxes On Rich Is Class Warfare, Raising Them On The Poor Is Good Sense


    As part of the network's ongoing attempt to defend the richest Americans from paying even a penny more in taxes, Fox personalities have described Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) proposed surtax on the rich as "class warfare." At the same time, Fox is hyping Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, which would raise taxes on poor and middle-income families.