Ann Coulter turned up the heat on Nancy Reagan

On the heels of radio host Rush Limbaugh's June 14 accusation that Democrats who favor stem cell research are trying to “capitalize on” former First Lady Nancy Reagan's “suffering and pain,” right-wing pundit Ann Coulter sought to discredit Mrs. Reagan's support for stem cell research.

From Coulter's June 17 syndicated column, titled "Let's rewrite one for The Gipper!":

Someone persuaded poor, dear Nancy Reagan that research on human embryos might have saved her Ronnie from Alzheimer's. Now the rest of us are supposed to shut up because the wife of America's greatest president (oh, save your breath, girls!) supports stem-cell research. ...

But you can't blame Nancy. As everyone saw once again last week, she's still madly in love with the guy. She'd probably support harvesting full-grown, living humans if it would bring back Ronnie.

Coulter's column, which is syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate, appears on her personal website and on The Heritage Foundation's website

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