Alex Jones on Manchester attack: “The pop singer ... invited all of this”

Jones: “The western governments are bringing in radical Islamicists, allowing them to attack”  

From the May 24 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES: You notice that Don Henley song,  “Inside Job.”  It is an inside job. The western governments are bringing in radical Islamicists, allowing them to attack. For two-plus years, he was known to be an Islamicist, planning attacks. His family had actually spoke out. People ask why Muslims don’t speak out. The governments in Europe especially will not ever stand up against it, then they let the attacks take place, then they take the public’s freedom. And then they get up there, whether it’s conservative or liberal prime ministers in England, and say, “Stiff upper lip, we’re going to be strong. We’re going to move forward, we’re going to come together.” You can’t come together with a rattlesnake that’s in your bed biting you if you just say, “I love the rattlesnake. I love the rattlesnake. I love the black widow. I love the water moccasin.”

[Inaudible] Saying “I’m going to come together with Hitler. He’s going to stop killing me.” Or a conservative or Christian in a Soviet gulag. That’s not how this works and so when they get up there on TV and say, “Just put little emojis of British flags. Just say you stand with them.” Just stand with the pop singer who invited all of this and who said, “Bring in the Muslims.”  Katy Perry and all of them. It’s sick.


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