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  • A Comprehensive Guide To Benghazi Myths And Facts


    After nearly four years of right-wing myths about the September 2012 attack on an American diplomatic compound and CIA compound in Benghazi, Libya, and as Republicans and Democrats on the House Select Committee on the attacks release their reports, Media Matters has compiled a list of more than 50 myths and facts regarding the origin of the attack, the security surrounding the compounds, the Obama administration’s handling of the attack during and after its occurrence, attacks on then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other lies and misinformation regarding the Benghazi attack.

  • 8 Ways Right-Wing Media Exploited The Brussels Terror Attacks


    Right-wing media quickly exploited the terrorist attacks in Brussels by stoking fears about the U.S. refugee vetting process, calling for the profiling of Muslims, stoking anti-immigrant sentiments, hyping anti-Muslim fears, blaming political correctness for the victims of terrorism, crediting Donald Trump with being "right" when he said Brussels was turning into a "hell hole," calling for torture and waterboarding, and criticizing President Obama.

  • Fox Attacks Obama For Calling Climate Change An Immediate National Security Threat

    Department Of Defense: Climate Change "Poses Immediate Risks To U.S. National Security"


    Fox personalities criticized President Obama for calling climate change "an immediate risk to our national security" during his U.S. Coast Guard Academy commencement address. But security experts agree with the president that global climate change does threaten U.S. national security.

  • Conservative Media Mindlessly Criticize "Strict" Gun Laws In France After Charlie Hebdo Shooting

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    Right-wing media figures illogically rushed to blame France's strict gun policies after three gunmen killed 12 people at the offices of satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo during a terrorist attack. In the United States, where gun laws are comparatively less restrictive, there is far more gun violence and public mass shootings happen with greater frequency.

    While much of the conservative media reacted to the attack on Charlie Hebdo with Islamophobia, commentators also used the shooting to attack the regulation of firearms.

    On the January 7 edition of Fox & Friends, Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland said that one thing that stood out to her about the attack is "that in France they have a very strict gun control policy." Later on Fox's The Five, host Greg Gutfeld said the victims of the attack were "sitting ducks" because the country "has the most powerful gun control in the world, and nobody's armed." On Fox Business Network, Fox's senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said, "One of the reasons these people are dead is because they were sitting ducks. One of the reasons they're sitting ducks is you can't carry a gun in Paris. This would not happen in New York City." On Twitter, frequent Fox guest Donald Trump wrote that the attack occurred "in one of the toughest gun control countries in the world."

    Contrary to the impression given by conservative commentators, gun ownership is allowed in France, including the carrying of guns in public under extremely limited circumstances. Compared to the United States however, gun owners in France undergo a far more comprehensive licensing and screening process and are largely prohibited from owning semi-automatic weapons that are common in the United States.

  • Fox News Exploits Tragedy In France To Attack NYC Mayor De Blasio

    Fox's National Security Expert Blames Attack In Part On France's "Really Strict Gun Control Policy"

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    Fox News used the tragic attack on the offices of a satirical newspaper in Paris as an opportunity to attack New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio while blaming strict gun laws and political correctness for the tragedy.

    The New York Times reported Wednesday that 12 people have died in an attack on the offices of a satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris. French President Francois Hollande called the attack "a terrorist attack without a doubt," and France has reportedly "raised its security alert to the highest level."

    On the January 7 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, national security analyst KT McFarland said that "really strict gun control policy" in France contributed to the attack and claimed that France's "politically correct " policies that treat everyone equally were also to blame. Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck echoed support for law enforcement policies that treat people unequally and added that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatens security by demoralizing the New York Police Department and painting the NYPD with "a racist brush" when officers act on that principle. 

    Fox's exploitation of tragedy comes as no surprise. The network immediately exploited the deadly hostage situation in Sydney, Australia in December to justify torture, politicized the Canadian Parliament shooting in October to attack gun safety measures, and used reports of American deaths in Benghazi, Libya to push their phony scandal surrounding the 2012 attacks.