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  • Fox Compares Costas' Remarks To Hank Williams Jr.'s Nazi Smear, Don Imus' Insult

    Blog ››› ››› ANDY NEWBOLD

    Fox News host Megyn Kelly and frequent Fox guest Lars Larson attempted to compare Bob Costas' discussion of gun control to Hank Williams Jr. associating Obama with Hitler and Don Imus calling a women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos." 

    Fox has joined the right-wing media in criticizing NBC's Costas for questioning America's gun culture following the murder-suicide committed by Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher. On the December 3 edition of Fox's America's Newroom, Larson and host Megyn Kelly attempted to make a series of bizarre comparisons between Costas' comments and remarks by former MSNBC host Don Imus and former ESPN personality Hank Williams Jr. that led to their termination with their respective broadcasting outlets. Following comments by Fox News contributor Kristen Powers suggesting that Costas shouldn't be fired for expressing an opinion, as Larson urged, Larson and Kelly responded:

    LARSON: When you say you shouldn't be fired for casting an opinion, ask Don Imus about that. He was fired for saying something incredibly stupid and incredibly degrading about young --

    KELLY: Well, Hank Williams. Remember Hank Williams made those comments  --

    LARSON: Or Hank Williams.

    KELLY: -- and he got fired from the NFL.

    Larson was referring to Imus in 2007 calling the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos," and Kelly's reference was to Williams comparing President Obama to Hitler just last year during an appearance on Fox & Friends.

    In response to Larson and Kelly, Powers threw her hands to her head in disbelief: "I'm sorry, are we really comparing wanting gun laws to saying racist things?" 

  • This Is Why People In Wisconsin Don't Like Fox

    ››› ››› MARCUS FELDMAN

    During a report from Madison, Wisconsin on the recall election of Governor Scott Walker, Fox's Neil Cavuto said to Fox Business' Don Imus that "some people don't like" Fox, adding: "I don't know why." Of course, people in Wisconsin have ample reason not to like Fox; the network has pushed a litany of falsehoods and distortions while covering both the Wisconsin recall effort and the state's pro-labor protests.

  • Fox Anchor: "Brainwashed" People Think Fox Isn't "Fair And Balanced And Everybody Else Is"

    Blog ››› ››› BEN DIMIERO

    Yesterday on Imus in the Morning, Imus and his guest, America's Newsroom co-anchor Martha MacCallum, rehashed the usual argument Fox employees trot out when they want to insulate the network's supposed "journalists" (like MacCallum) from accusations of partisanship -- that there exists a firm line between the network's "news" and "opinion" programming.

    During the discussion, Imus praised MacCallum and her co-host Bill Hemmer, saying that there is "no editorializing at all" on their show. While attacking the partisanship of other networks, MacCallum said, "a lot of people are sort of brainwashed into believing that line of thinking that we're not fair and balanced, and everybody else is."

    MacCallum explained that "during the daytime, we try to shoot as straight we possibly can. Everybody is a human being -- there's going to be times when your feelings about something enter a discussion."

    MacCallum's claim echoed comments made by Bill Hemmer last year, when he told TVNewser that the opinions of Fox's right-wing primetime hosts don't carry over into America's Newsroom because "our broadcast, with Martha MacCallum and me, we shoot it down the middle."

    Setting aside the larger problems with Fox's supposedly unimpeachable "news hours" -- complicated by things like having a Washington managing editor that orders network journalists to routinely cast doubt on climate science -- America's Newsroom often resembles Fox's "opinion" shows. While MacCallum suggests her and Hemmer's "feelings about something" only occasionally enter the discussion, they both have a record of echoing GOP talking points, and MacCallum has even flatly endorsed conservative policies.

  • Too Sexist For Fox? Imus "Like[s]" Tyson's Comments About Palin


    Don Imus today seemed to endorse Mike Tyson's crude suggestion that Sarah Palin should have slept with Dennis Rodman instead of -- as alleged in a widely criticized new book -- Glen Rice. (Imus did say that he thought Tyson's "verbiage was a little rough.")

    Imus' comments were apparently too offensive for Fox Business Network, which appears to have dumped some of the audio in question from its broadcast of the show.

    On today's Imus in the Morning, Imus and comedian Jay Mohr riffed on several Republican presidential candidates. When the conversation turned to Fox News contributor Sarah Palin, Mohr mentioned the claim in Joe McGinniss' controversial book that, in Mohr's words, Palin "had sex with that basketball player, in that scathing book, they said she had sex with Glen Rice."

    Imus responded by referencing an interview Mike Tyson did last month with ESPN Radio's Las Vegas affiliate, in which Tyson -- a convicted rapist -- referred to Palin in obscene and misogynistic terms. Imus said: "I did like -- I thought the verbiage was a little rough -- Mike Tyson, but, it should have been more, she'd have had more credibility, in my view, had it been, say, Dennis Rodman."


    But viewers watching the broadcast on Fox Business did not hear five seconds of Imus' comments, which are bolded: "I did like -- I thought the verbiage was a little rough -- Mike Tyson, but, it should have been more, she'd have had more credibility, in my view, had it been, say, Dennis Rodman."

    Fox Business did not immediately return a request for comment.

  • Fox News' anti-Semitism problem

    ››› ››› ZACHARY PLEAT

    Rupert Murdoch claimed in a recent speech that "the most virulent strains" of anti-Semitism "come from the left." However, his own Fox News personalities have a history of promoting anti-Semitic sources and mainstreaming people who have associations with anti-Semitic groups.