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  • Gary Byrne's Anti-Clinton Book Is Contradicted By His Own Testimony, And He Can't Explain It

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    Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne, who served in the West Wing during the Clinton administration, recently released Crisis of Character, an anti-Clinton book purporting to warn the country about how Hillary Clinton does not have the temperament to serve as president. In promoting his book, Byrne has repeatedly stumbled through contradictions in his various accounts of the events he claims to have witnessed, with key details differing between his 1998 sworn testimony in the Kenneth Starr investigation, the book itself, and the various appearances he has made in right-wing media.

  • Fox Takes Clinton Out Of Context In Effort To Distract From Trump’s Hope For Housing Crisis

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    Fox & Friends deceptively edited a 2007 video of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to claim that Clinton blamed homeowners for the housing market crash and that she is “flip flopping now” to blame Wall Street. But the speech transcript shows that Clinton indeed blamed Wall Street and a host of other financial actors, saying Wall Street “helped create the foreclosure crisis” and bears “responsibility” for the crash. Fox also downplayed Donald Trump’s expressed hope for a financial crisis in 2006, instead blaming former President Bill Clinton for a market crash and historic recession that occurred during the waning days of the Bush administration.

  • Former NY Times Executive Editor Tells Politico: David Brock Is Right, The Times Gives Hillary Clinton Unfair Scrutiny

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    According to Politico's Glenn Thrush, Jill Abramson, the former New York Times executive editor, said in a recent interview that she agreed with Media Matters founder David Brock that the Times has given an unfair "level of scrutiny" to Hillary Clinton.

    Over the past year, the Times has repeatedly bungled reporting on Hillary Clinton's use of email, falsely claiming in a July report that Clinton was under criminal investigation, a story for which they issued numerous corrections. The Times' public editor Margaret Sullivan criticized the paper for publishing a "sensational" story with "major journalistic problems." In response to that report and several other issues with the paper's journalism David Brock called on the Times to commission a review of its reporting on Clinton.

    Politico's Glenn Thrush reported March 21 that Abramson, in an interview, said she "agree[d]" with Brock that the Times gave the Clintons "an unfair 'level of scrutiny,'" saying Hillary Clinton "'does get more scrutiny" than other candidates - especially male candidates.'" From Politico:

    A couple of years back, a friend of Hillary Clinton's told me the candidate-to-be was "disappointed" that the first woman to edit the New York Times -- veteran investigative reporter Jill Abramson -- wasn't more sympathetic to her plight as a feminist pioneer in politics.

    In fact, both the candidate and her more volatile spouse went a lot further, venting to people around them that they saw the country's most powerful paper as a kind of special prosecutor in a blue plastic bag, whose top editors were bent on scouring them with an alacrity not directed at other politicians ("They are out to get us," the former president told a friend more recently).

    No way, says Abramson, whose personal association with the Clintons goes back nearly 40 years. (Little-known fact: the woman who led coverage of the Clintons at the Times for a decade -- as Washington bureau chief, and then as executive editor -- briefly worked as a consultant on one of Bill Clinton's campaigns in Arkansas.) But Abramson lingers on the larger point of media fairness to Hillary Clinton, and gingerly concedes something few editors would ever admit. 

    "She does get more scrutiny" than other candidates - especially male candidates, Abramson told me during a 50-minute interview for POLITICO's "Off Message" podcast last week. When I asked her if Clinton's arch-defender David Brock had a point when he lashed the Times for giving the Clintons an unfair "level of scrutiny," she interrupted - to agree. 

    "Yeah, I do," said Abramson - who was ousted in 2014 after reportedly complaining that her compensation package was inferior to that of her male predecessor, Bill Keller. 

    "[W]e, for some reason, expect total purity from a woman candidate," added Abramson, who rose to the top job in 2011. "I did not feel, during my regime, that we were giving her way more scrutiny than anyone else." But, she said, "Where I think Hillary Clinton faces, you know, certainly more of a burden is that the controversies she's been in are immediately labeled, you know, Travel-gate or Email-gate... if you actually asked people what about any of these controversies bothers them, they don't know anything specific about any of them." 


    And Abramson isn't overly impressed by the one Clinton storyline getting the most attention: the lingering probe into the former secretary of state's "homebrew" email server during her Foggy Bottom tenure. Like Whitewater, the scandal was uncovered by a New York Times reporter; like Whitewater, it is regarded as a deus ex machina by Republicans facing political gloom; and like Whitewater, it will likely turn out to be more froth than flood, in Abramson's view. "I won't say nothing - but very little," she said, referring to the sum significance of Clinton's scandals. 

    When I asked if the Times email stories (executed after her departure, in 2015) were "a big deal," Abramson - who has taken pains not to criticize her former paper or its current editors - paused. 

    "It depends on, you know, what your definition of "big deal" is, but I'm not going to play Bill Clinton for you here," she said, referring to the former president's infamous what-is-is monologue during his Monica Lewinsky deposition. "The issue, to me, that's at the crux is that everything that we know that was classified was classified after the fact, after the emails were sent. And so, why is that a big deal? And the fact that she had this private email is something that, you know, I've read widely, a lot of people in the government - Colin Powell, let's face it, got much bigger speaking fees than Hillary did."

  • Breitbart Blames Bill And Hillary Clinton For Every Organization With The Word Clinton In It

    Breitbart H1-B Attack Blames Clinton Family For Schools, Pharmacies, Catering Organizations

    Blog ››› ››› ALEX KAPLAN

    A Breitbart News report misread results from a database to inaccurately claim that Clinton-affiliated organizations requested up to 87 H-1B visas from 2011-2014 in an attempt to criticize Clinton -- a strange line of attack, given that the visa category is uncontroversial and receives bipartisan support. Breitbart News has a history of providing unreliable information to readers, including such journalistic missteps as identifying the wrong person in its reports and incorrectly reading sources.

    A March 10 Breitbart News piece by Neil Munro claimed that "Clinton family charities have outsourced many U.S. white-collar jobs to foreign college graduates" by requesting H1-B visas, which allow organizations to recruit and employ highly skilled and specialized foreign professionals in specific occupations. The report cited the website, where Munro claimed a search of Clinton-affiliated organizations "requested up to 87 H-1B workers".

    However, a search of "Clinton" on the website finds that the 87 number is completely false. Breitbart included organizations that are not affiliated with the Clintons, such as Clinton City Schools and the Mercy Medical Center - Clinton:

    Excluding the organizations not connected to the Clintons, the actual number of visa requests from Clinton-connected organizations is 56, or a drop of 36 percent from the misleading number Breitbart reported. Moreover, Breitbart admits the precise number of requests may even be lower, as the total may include duplicate requests.

    Breitbart's attack rings especially hollow as  H-1B visas have enjoyed support from both Democrats and Republicans. In fact, increasing the number of H-1B visas was part of the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill that easily passed the U.S. Senate with bipartisan support, as well as another bipartisan-sponsored bill in 2015 that sought to increase the number of visas. Many other international organizations -- including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the American Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, Koch Industries and the Heritage Foundation -- have also used the H-1B visa program.

    Breitbart News has a history of unreliability. In January, it claimed Washington Free Beacon founder Michael Goldfarb had criticized Donald Trump in a BBC piece, which clearly referred to a different Goldfarb. In 2014, it attacked President Obama's nominee for attorney general by going after the wrong Loretta Lynch. In 2013, it alleged then-Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel received funding from a group called Friends of Hamas -- an organization that never actually existed. Munro, who authored the Clinton H-1B visa piece, also has history of flawed reporting, claiming in 2012 that President Obama was the lead attorney in a class action discrimination lawsuit regarding home loans that helped trigger the 2008 economic collapse. In fact, Obama had little involvement in the case, and the case was not a contributor to the economic meltdown.