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  • Myths & Facts: The Minimum Wage

    ››› ››› ALEX MORASH

    On June 25, 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) into law and established the first nationwide minimum hourly wage. The relative value of the minimum wage has fluctuated considerably over time, but it has steadily eroded since reaching an inflation-adjusted peak in 1968 -- the $1.60 per hour wage that year would be worth roughly $11.05 today. For several years, in the face of a growing movement to lift local, state, and federal minimum wages to a livable standard, right-wing media opponents have frequently promoted a number of misleading and discredited myths about the minimum wage’s economic effects.

  • AP headline said "Christians optimistic but disappointed in Obama," but report was about conservative Christians

    ››› ››› NATHAN TABAK

    The New York Times published an AP report on its website with the AP's headline, "Christians optimistic but disappointed in Obama." In fact, the report stated that "[c]onservative evangelical and Catholic leaders" and "some right-leaning Christian leaders" -- not Christians in general -- were "expressing feelings ranging from disappointment to optimism in their reaction to the president's decisions so far."