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  • Five Crazy Moments From Ted Nugent's Discovery Channel Gun Special

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

    Last night, the Discovery Channel aired "an inside look at American gun culture" featuring Washington Times columnist and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent. Media Matters previously noted that Nugent often uses inflammatory language against the Obama administration, women, religious and ethnic minorities and members of the LGBT community.

    On the day that Ted Nugent's Gun Country aired, Nugent accused the "lying enemies of America" Obama administration of treason and "criminal complicity to murder." In promotional radio appearances for his special, Nugent accused "anti-American" Barack Obama of only feigning respect for veterans and declared his intention to use the Discovery Channel as a resource to help him win the "culture war." 

    "Oryx Down": Nugent Shoots Animal Extinct In The Wild During Canned Hunt

    Nugent Hangs Out With "Preppers" Preparing For "Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse" 

  • Nugent While Promoting Discovery Channel Special: "Anti-American" Obama Feigns Respect For Veterans

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

    Ted Nugent appeared this past Sunday on Armed America Radio to promote his special on gun culture that will air on the Discovery Channel tonight. During his appearance, The Washington Times columnist and National Rifle Association board member went on a sustained rant against President Obama.

    Nugent made a number of wild-eyed accusations against Obama and his policies, referring to the president as "a Mao Zedong wannabe." In his view, Obama's administration is "anti-American, anti-quality of life, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and anti-being the best that you can be" while the president himself is "against the very spirit" of "the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution."

    Nugent also accuses the president of implementing communist policies, while pretending to honor fallen U.S. soldiers at sites like the Vietnam Wall, an act which Nugent calls "one of the most vile, repugnant, obscene gestures in the history of American politics." 

  • Nugent Accuses "Obama Gang" Of Treason On Day Promotional Discovery Channel Special Is Set To Air

    Blog ››› ››› MATT GERTZ

    This morning Ted Nugent accused the Obama administration of treason and referred to them as "enemies of America." Tonight, the controversial Washington Times columnist and National Rifle Association board member will be the subject of a Discovery Channel special promoting "an inside look at gun culture" through his eyes.

    Nugent issued the comments on his twitter feed minutes after using that outlet to promote the Discovery special:

    Discovery tweets

    Nugent has a long record of violent and inflammatory rhetoric about President Obama as well as women and ethnic and religious minorities. Discovery has nonetheless decided to promote Nugent, praising him as a "rock and roll legend" and "strong and vocal advocate for guns, hunting and all things America." For his part, Nugent has declared the special an opportunity to promote his side in the "culture war."

  • Ted Nugent: Discovery Channel Special Will Advance My View In "Culture War"


    The Discovery Channel will be providing Ted Nugent with a platform to help him fight the "culture war" when it features him in a special this week, the controversial National Rifle Association board member and Washington Times columnist said in a recent interview.

    Nugent has a lengthy history of making violent, inflammatory, and offensive remarks against women, the LGBT community, and racial and religious minorities. Earlier this year, he told attendees at the NRA's annual meeting that he would "be dead or in jail by this time next year" if Barack Obama was reelected president, which prompted scrutiny from the Secret Service.

    But none of that stopped the Discovery Channel from contacting him to star in its programming, as Nugent detailed in an interview with NRA News. Discovery is promoting the October 10 special, Ted Nugent's Gun Country, as "an inside look at American gun culture through the eyes of" Nugent.

    Speaking with Cam Edwards, Nugent explained how he hopes to use that platform as an opportunity to promote his position in the "culture war":

    NUGENT: Cam, you know you and I have known each other a long time, I really have always celebrated and promoted the Second Amendment, all things guns, the good, the perfection, the good over evil that guns provide, the joys, the discipline, the marksmanship discipline, and the fact that the American Dream became available because brave patriots stood up with guns and fought the Evil Empire. So what we did with the Discovery Channel, they contacted me and went, "You know, if we are going to produce gun shows shouldn't we do it with this Nugent guy?"

    EDWARDS: [laughter]

    NUGENT: "Because even his guitars are ballistically coefficient." I celebrate this every day of my life. I do media literally 300-plus days a year. Even during the hunting season I'm available between 11 and 1 pm because I really believe during this culture war we have talked about many times--

    EDWARDS: Mm hmm.

    NUGENT: --that it's imperative that those of us who cherish and believe and demand freedom, that we use every resource we have that we can cultivate and maximize to promote and celebrate all things Second Amendment and the perfection of gun ownership. So the Discovery Channel has some really wise souls there and they contacted me and said, "How would you like to do a TV show called Ted Nugent's Gun Country?" And I went, "I'm already doing it. You might as well start recording it." 

    Later in the interview, Nugent stated, "I believe if you hate the NRA, if you hate guns, if you hate Ted Nugent, then you clearly hate America. And I have never apologized, I've never defended -- there is nothing to defend -- but in this culture war we do sometimes have to explain ourselves."

  • Fox & Friends Silent On Border Agent Death After Fast And Furious Speculation Falls Flat

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

    During the October 3 edition of Fox & Friends, hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy baselessly speculated that Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie, who was fatally shot while on patrol near the Mexican border, was killed with weapons involved in the failed Operation Fast and Furious gun trafficking sting. News outlets later reported that Agent Ivie's death was the result of friendly fire. But Fox & Friends has remained silent on the story, even as several other Fox News programs have reported on the friendly fire incident. 

    Kilmeade stated that the border shooting "raises tons of new questions, including whether or not the guns that killed Agent Ivie were tied to Operation Fast and Furious." Later in the segment, Doocy fueled the speculation during a discussion with former U.S. Customs Service Special Agent Terry Kirkpatrick:

    DOOCY: Terry, while it's still too early, the investigation is just barely started into the firearm that was used to kill our guy, would it surprise you if one of the guns from Fast and Furious was one of the guns used?

    KIRKPATRICK: You know and honestly it would not surprise me if that was one of the guns that was lost in the ATF scandal. 

    At the time of the Fox & Friends segment on October 3, reports indicated that no weapons had been recovered in connection to the shooting.

    State and local officials told NBC News that the ruling of friendly fire "is based on an analysis of the ballistics, the lack of evidence of other criminals in the area at the time, and other factors." According to the president of the National Border Patrol Council, Agent Ivie encountered two other agents in heavy brush and opened fire believing them to be smugglers. He was killed in the return fire. One other agent sustained nonfatal gunshot wounds. 

  • Daily Caller Reporter Invents Congressional Testimony In Crusade Against Attorney General Holder

    Matthew Boyle Flips Inspector General's Fast And Furious Testimony On Its Head

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

    On conservative pundit Frank Gaffney's radio show yesterday, Daily Caller reporter Matthew Boyle falsified congressional testimony by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz concerning Operation Fast and Furious. Boyle incorrectly claimed that Horowitz testified that it was "unfathomable" that Attorney General Eric Holder was unaware of controversial tactics employed during the failed gun trafficking sting.

    In actuality, when Horowitz was asked, "Did you find any evidence that Attorney General Holder approved of the gun walking tactics that are under investigation -- that have been under investigation by this committee?" during a September 20 House Oversight Committee hearing, he responded, "We found no evidence that the attorney general was aware in 2010, before Senator Grassley's letter, of Operation Fast and Furious and the tactics associated with it." [C-SPAN via Nexis, 9/20/12]  

    But in an interview, Boyle distorted this testimony. He indicated that Horowitz stated before Congress that Holder was aware of the tactics used in Fast and Furious. From Boyle's interview:

    BOYLE: So the point is, is that at this point in time it's very hard to believe that Holder didn't know. And the IG [Inspector General] has actually said that before Congress. He has actually -- I can't remember the exact quote off the top of my head -- but he said something like that, "It's unfathomable that the Attorney General was unaware of this when everybody who works for him was." So basically what has happened here is there is there is a culture of plausible deniability that has been created around Holder. [emphasis added]

    An independent report issued by the Office of the Inspector General on September 19 reached the opposite conclusion, stating, "We found no evidence that Attorney General Holder was informed about Operation Fast and Furious, or learned about the tactics employed by ATF in the investigation, prior to January 31, 2011."

  • First Presidential Debate Has No Time For Gun Violence Policy

    Blog ››› ››› MATT GERTZ

    Theater shootingIn this presidential election cycle's only debate devoted solely to domestic issues, moderator and former PBS host Jim Lehrer did not ask the candidates what they would do to address gun violence in America. This silence comes in the wake of several high profile mass shootings and a high-profile campaign by survivors and advocates to push the candidates to detail their plans to deal with the issue.

    Every year roughly 30,000 Americans die from gun violence. In early 2011, a gunman used a semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine to kill six people and wound 13 others, including then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, at a town hall event held by the congresswoman. This year has featured prominent mass shootings at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

    Some in the media have distorted polling to claim that Americans are largely satisfied with gun laws. But other surveys show that large majorities of Americans support a wide array of specific laws that would bolster gun violence prevention, including requiring all gun buyers to pass a criminal background check and banning high capacity magazines and assault weapons.

    Seeking to increase public discussion of an issue the American people have said they care about, the Brady Campaign asked Lehrer to ask the candidates to address the issue during this evening's debate, while Mayors Against Illegal Guns produced an ad featuring Aurora shooting survivor Stephen Barton telling viewers, "when you watch the presidential debates, ask yourself who has a plan to stop gun violence."

    Thanks to Lehrer, Americans are no closer to an answer on that question. 

  • NRA Rewrites History To Hide Romney Support For Assault Weapons Ban

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

    NRA News is deliberately misleading its supporters about Mitt Romney's firearms policies while he served as governor of Massachusetts. During the October 2 edition of Cam & Company, host Cam Edwards suggested that any action taken by then-Governor Romney on assault weapons was supported by Massachusetts state gun rights group Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) and further stated that Romney "actually undid some of the damage" of the commonwealth's 1998 assault weapons ban. In fact, legislation signed by Romney in 2004 made the Massachusetts assault weapons ban permanent.

    A July 1, 2004 press release issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, titled, "Romney Signs Off On Permanent Assault Weapons Ban," leaves little doubt that the former Massachusetts governor was involved in restricting access to assault weapons. Indeed, at the bill's signing ceremony Romney stated that the "sole purpose" of assault weapons is "hunting down and killing people." In response to the new law, GOAL stated that the Romney administration "took a major shot at lawful gun owners and showed their true colors."

    CAM EDWARDS, HOST: Doc in Jacksonville, Florida says, "Cam, due to the fact that Mitt Romney signed a gun ban into law while he was governor of Massachusetts, does the NRA trust him to stand up for the Constitution and Second Amendment as president?" You know, I'm glad you asked this question, Doc. Last time -- I've got to promote this video because we've got it up I know on our YouTube page -- the last time we had Jim Wallace from the Gun Owners Action League in studio, that's the state-level organization in Massachusetts, we asked him about this. Because Mitt Romney did sign a bill as Governor of Massachusetts, but he did not institute an assault weapons ban. This was actually a bill that the Gun Owners Action League in Massachusetts supported. The quote unquote assault weapons bill, or excuse me the quote unquote assault weapons ban, was already law in Massachusetts. It was already permanent in Massachusetts. This bill actually provided some relief to gun owners in the state of Massachusetts. It was portrayed and it has been portrayed in the media as Governor Romney signed a bill to ban quote unquote assault weapons in the state of Massachusetts. But that's not the case. This was a bill, as I said, that was supported by the state gun owners' organization in Massachusetts because it actually undid some of the damage of that original legislation. 

  • NRA's "Massive Obama Conspiracy": This Is Sparta! Edition

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

    new graphic appearing on the National Rifle Association store website analogizes the supposed existence of a plot by the Obama administration to disarm Americans with ancient Spartan mythology.

    As the story goes, Persian King Xerxes' demanded that King Leonidas of Sparta and his 300 Spartan warriors lay down their arms. Leonidas' refusal precipitated the Battle of Thermopylae. 

    By implication, National Rifle Association is King Leonidas, NRA members are the 300, and President Obama is King Xerxes. The ad explains: "King Leonidas of Sparta defended what he valued with everything he had. To preserve our God-given rights, Americans need to do the same today by supporting the NRA in every way possible!"


    The NRA previously referenced September 11 in fundraising emails sent on the tenth anniversary of the terror attacks. This year, the NRA marked the January 28 anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster with a NRA store advertisement that paired the likeness of assassinated President John F. Kennedy with an image of the smoke plume after Challenger exploded midflight. Recipients were encouraged to "pursue freedom" by buying NRA-stamped mugs, denim jackets, and other trinkets.

    (h/t Protest Easy Guns)  

  • VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Discovery Channel To Air Special Starring Ted Nugent


    On October 10, the Discovery Channel will air a special on gun culture in America starring Washington Times columnist and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent. In doing so, the channel will give mainstream treatment to a divisive right-wing figure who has made countless inflammatory remarks on the topics of race, religion, LGBT equality, politics, equal treatment of women, immigration, and vigilantism.

  • Rampage Nation: When A Gun Massacre Isn't Even Big News

    Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

    Last Thursday, Andrew Engeldinger finished his shift at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis, where he'd worked since the late 1990's. In the afternoon, Engeldinger was called into the front office and told he no longer had a job.

    According to police, Engeldinger was armed at the time and began to open fire with a 9mm Glock semi-automatic pistol. He killed the company's founder and sought out three other sign-making coworkers for execution. The 36-year old shooter also killed a local UPS deliver man who got caught up in the on-site rampage.

    When Engeldinger was done, he'd murdered five people. Then he went down into the firm's basement and shot himself in the head. When police arrived they described the scene as chaotic and the carnage as "hellish." When they searched the shooter's apartment, police found packaging for 10,000 rounds of ammunition.

    "He obviously had this gun and was practicing how to use this gun," said Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan, describing the deadliest workplace shooting in Minnesota since the state began tracking these types of attacks two decades ago.

    For the past two years Engeldinger's family had feared he was slipping into bouts of delusion and mental illness and had urged him, in vain, to seek treatment.

    Incredibly, that mass murder story wasn't considered to be especially newsworthy by major news organizations. The shockingly small amount of press coverage the story has received (the New York Times has printed just two clipped AP reports on the shooting, buried in Section A and totaling less than 500 words) highlights the shoulder-shrugging response so many gun rampages now generate inside national newsrooms.

  • New Report Debunks Right-Wing Falsehood About Public Mass Shootings

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

    An investigation on shooting rampages by Mother Jones could not identify a single mass public shooting that was ended by an armed civilian, a violence prevention strategy that remains popular in right-wing media. In two instances, however, armed individuals who attempted to stop a shooting were wounded or killed. Mother Jones also deduced that successful attempts by armed civilians to stop public shootings in general, not just those incidents involving mass casualties, were rare.

    The analysis conducted by Mother Jones, which examined 60 public shootings that have occurred in the United States over the last 30 years, stands in sharp contrast to baseless conjecture by members of the right-wing media that the solution to prevent mass shootings is a greater number of people armed in public. 

    More broadly, attempts by armed civilians to stop shooting rampages are rare -- and successful ones even rarer. There were two school shootings in the late 1990s, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania, in which bystanders with guns ultimately subdued the teen perpetrators, but in both cases it was after the shooting had subsided. Other cases led to tragic results. In 2005, as a rampage unfolded inside a shopping mall in Tacoma, Washington, a civilian named Brendan McKown confronted the assailant with a licensed handgun he was carrying. The assailant pumped several bullets into McKown and wounded six people before eventually surrendering to police after a hostage standoff. (A comatose McKown eventually recovered after weeks in the hospital.) In Tyler, Texas, that same year, a civilian named Mark Wilson fired his licensed handgun at a man on a rampage at the county courthouse. Wilson--who was a firearms instructor--was shot dead by the body-armored assailant, who wielded an AK-47. (None of these cases were included in our mass shootings data set because fewer than four victims died in each.)

    Appeals to heroism on this subject abound. So does misleading information. Gun rights die-hards frequently credit the end of a rampage in 2002 at the Appalachian School of Law in Virginia to armed "students" who intervened--while failing to disclose that those students were also current and former law enforcement officers, and that the killer, according to police investigators, was out of ammo by the time they got to him. [emphasis added]

    Mother Jones noted that 2012 is already a record year for mass public shootings in terms of the number of killed and injured. The right-wing media's response to each of this year's mass shootings has been the same: "If only more people would have been armed, it would have been prevented."

    But even setting aside the fact that the United States already has the most heavily armed private citizenry in the world, and that laws allowing the concealed carrying of firearms in public are increasingly permissive and widespread, the bottom line is that there is no data to support the right-wing media's armed citizen theory.

  • Limbaugh Attacks Obama Using Gun Control Myth

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

    During his show today, Rush Limbaugh advanced the myth that the public doesn't support gun violence prevention measures. The radio host quoted a 1998 statement by then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama, who said that "the vast majority of Americans would like to see serious gun control," and falsely claimed that it was incorrect. In fact, two gun violence prevention measures that Obama has indicated favor for -- the reauthorization of the assault weapons ban and mandatory background checks at gun shows -- are broadly supported by the general public.

    RUSH LIMBAUGH, HOST: Here's Obama on gun control in that 1998 tape. I just want to play it for you, because [Washington Post columnist] Colbert King says when I say it, you don't believe it. So here's Obama himself saying it. October 19, 1998, Loyola University.

    THEN-STATE SENATOR OBAMA: The vast majority of Americans would like to see serious gun control. It does not pass. Why does it not pass? It does not pass because there is a huge disconnect between what people think and what legislators think and are willing to act upon.

    LIMBAUGH: So in Obama's world, the American people wanted gun control but elected officials didn't. And that's why we didn't have it. It's the other way around. Every president -- every Democrat president, Democrat senator, Democrat House of Representatives member, they've all wanted gun control. It's the people that don't want it and never have. Not the kind of gun control these guys are talking about. Anyways, that's Obama. He said it. Not I.  

    Contrary to Limbaugh's suggestion, the public favors a multitude of legislative proposals to prevent gun violence. A June 2011 Time magazine poll found that 62 percent of Americans supported banning assault weapons, including 61 percent of Independents and 49 percent of Republicans. A January 2011 American ViewPoint/Momentum Analysis poll found that 86 percent of Americans support requiring all gun buyers to undergo a background check when buying a firearm, including those sales conducted at gun shows. 

    Indeed, in spite of conjecture by some in the media, the majority of Americans support bans on high capacity magazines like the one used in the Aurora theater massacre, limiting the number of guns that can be purchased at one time, a prohibition on gun purchases by individuals on the terrorist watch list, and a requirement for gun owners to notify police if they discover a gun they own has been lost or stolen.