• The New York Times has a footnote problem

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    In her rather unflattering review of Thomas Frank's The Wrecking Crew, a charged attack on the Republican's control of Washington, D.C., Times reviewer Michiko Kakutani not only decried the tone of the book (Frank was just too darn angry) but she complained that Frank sometimes didn't back up the factual claims found in his passages.

    But as Jonathan Schwarz at A Tiny Revolution points out, Frank often used something called footnotes to back up the factual claims in his passages. Footnotes that Kakutani didn't always read.

  • The NYT forgets Morning Joe

    Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

    The Times says MSNBC "turns left" -- but somehow forgets to mention that former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough hosts a show on MSNBC. Or that the channel is home to Pat Buchanan. And the paper avoids any mention of sexist commentary from Chris Matthews and other MSNBC figures.

    The media keep asserting that MSNBC is lurching leftward -- and in doing so, they keep ignoring the channel's actual on-air content.

    Meanwhile, the Times article tells us "CNN is positioning itself as the objective option for viewers." No mention of the fact that CNN's most recent "positioning" was the hiring of five new "political reporters and commentators" -- one liberal, a McCain adviser best known for creating Jesse Helms' Hands ad, a former RNC official, a Christian Broadcasting Network reporter, and Dana Milbank.

    UPDATE: Nor did the Times see fit to mention Lou Dobbs or Glenn Beck in asserting that CNN is positioning itself as the "objective option."

  • About that Media Research Centers study on Obama's press coverage

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    The one that claimed he received virtually no negative coverage from the network nightly news broadcasts during the last month of the primaries. John K. Wilson at Off the Bus notes that, shockingly, MRC's unique brand of analysis doesn't stand up to scrutiny. (Not that Howard Kurtz would ever say so.)

    Writes Wilson: "I challenge MRC to release the full details of their study so that outside observers can determine exactly how they determined "bias" in the media and why their results are so far out of touch with reality."

    Your move Brent.

  • New digs for Drum & Benen

    Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

    Two frequent sources of insightful analysis of media coverage have new homes today: Kevin Drum moves from Washington Monthly to Mother Jones, while Steve Benen steps in for Drum at the Monthly.

  • National Enquirer, please go away

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    OK, we get it. You scooped everyone on the terribly important John Edwards affair story. And in the wake of that we patiently put up with all the media hand-wringing about how reporters should have covered the story.

    But Enquirer editor David Perel's new, self-centered victory lap at Huffington Post, where he claims the story represented some sort of "watershed" moment in journalism, just makes us wish he'd go back to chasing cheating husbands.