• Halperin blames the "liberal press"

    Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

    For the Palin "feeding frenzy. He lists it as one of the three "bad" reasons behind the media scrutiny. Says the media is going after Palin harder than they would a Democratic candidate.

    See Glenn Greenwald, too.

  • Politico uncritically reports McCain media-bashing

    Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

    One pretty good sign that the media treats John McCain much more favorably than the McCain campaign would have you believe is the obedience with which the media uncritically reports the campaign's complaints about coverage.

    Case in point: Politico's Jonathan Martin has an article about McCain's attacks on the media, in which he includes this line:

    McCain's campaign has also put its words into action, stripping CNN of an opportunity to interview the candidate after what it felt was unfair treatment of an aide in an appearance Monday on the cable channel.

    Why does the McCain campaign think the treatment was "unfair"? Martin doesn't tell you. What happened? Martin doesn't tell you. Was it unfair? Martin makes no effort to help readers determine that -- he just "reports" that McCain's camp says it was unfair. Kind of skews things in McCain's favor, doesn't it?

    What actually happened in that interview is that McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds touted Sarah Palin's experience as head of the Alaska National Guard, at which point CNN's Campbell Brown asked him for an example of a decision Palin made in that capacity. When Bounds couldn't or wouldn't come up with one, she asked again. That doesn't seem "unfair" to me; that seems like journalism.

    And the Politico's decision to simply type up the McCain campaign's complaints without giving any indication of what actually happened seems more like stenography than journalism.

  • The AP continues its slide

    Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

    AP writer Tom Raum claims "many liberals" are "belittling" Palin by saying that as a mother of five, she lacks the "time" to be vice president.

    But Raum forgot to quote or even paraphrase a single liberal doing anything of the kind.

    Atrios suggests you contact Raum and ask him -- nicely -- to name one.

  • McCain camp unloads on the press; short on details


    As part of massive media push back regarding the Palin pick, McCain camp's Steve Schmidt, who was personally involved in vetting and selecting Palin, complains to the WaPo that the campaign has been "under siege" from reporters asking scurrilous questions and creating a "feeding frenzy."

    Schmidt though, provides almost no names of reporters who are acting unprofessional. Instead, the article makes references to "some reporters." And the one journalist Schmidt does name, Newsweek's Howard Fineman, denies Schmidt's specific claim.

  • MSNBC's GOP convention coverage off to a depressing start

    Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

    NBC's Ron Allen just interviewed a GOP delegate who garbled her false pro-Palin talking points. Fortunately, Allen was there to help her through:

    Delegate: "Her entire career has been in administrative duty, and-"

    Ron Allen: "A lot of people talk about executive experience"

    Delegate: "Executive experience. And she's had a lot of experience."

    Palin's entire career has not been in "administrative duty," whatever that means. Nor has it been in "executive" capacity. But rather than challenging the delegate on her false spin, Allen coached her into more-coherent false spin. Ah, journalism.